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and walked towards the woods.

and walked towards the woods.
/The couple stood side by side not far away and looked at each other and smiled when they saw this scene.
After Pooh left, Jigglypuff and McDull finally came back to life.
In a blink of an eye, he forgot what he just happened, walked towards the black-nosed sheep with dignity, and continued to play with them.
There are some hills on both sides of the road.
Her skin is still snow-white, her light brown hair is slightly curly, and the length just covers her chest. Her cheeks, which used to be a little baby-fat, are now thinner.
It is close to a breeding area, and cattle and sheep pass by it every day, and alfalfa does not grow very high.
A Simmental cow with intertwined white and brown markings stood on the top of a hill, chewing food in its mouth and staring at the passing Hummer.
McDull squatted in the back seat, sticking his donkey face out of the car window, his two long ears fluttering in the wind, his big teeth exposed and his tongue sticking out, enjoying this feeling very much.
It is short, but there are even shorter ones.
For example, Jigglypuff is currently putting his forelimbs on the window and sticking his head out. Only his eyes are exposed outside the car. He cannot catch the wind like his friends.
He retracted his head angrily and rolled his eyes at the little donkey, as if to say that noble cats would never bother to do such stupid things. He stretched out and flicked his tail, then lay down in the arms of the little master, with a circle on his belly. The ring of fat undulates with the vibration of the vehicle.
The Hummer passed through the withered lavender fields and soon reached the villa.
The ground was black asphalt, and the mist from the fountain shone like a rainbow in the sunlight.
/Hearing a sound, a head emerged from the pool. It looked about the size of a basketball, and its curved beak looked a bit ferocious.
When Han Xuan saw it, he smiled and asked his father to stop the car. The cat and donkey followed their owner and came to Squirtle.
The water in the pond is very clear. There were some koi carps in the past. After the snapping turtle discovered this place, they all turned into some kind of nutrients and excreted them to nourish the fresh lawn.
The green space extends all the way to Lake Rota. It is very convenient for Squirtle to come here, but it has stayed in the pool and will not leave. It only waits for people to finish feeding it and lies on the grass to bask in the sun. This is what a turtle should do. Life.
The young woman was cleaning the withered pine needles on the ground. When she saw Han Xuan coming over, she said, “Good afternoon, Han.”
“Good afternoon, Ms. Joanna.” Han Xuan nodded and replied politely.
The woman stopped what she was doing and raised her head to look at him: “So are you done there? Do you want me to prepare some food.”
“Barton and the others are still there. My parents and I are back first.” Han Xuandi stopped He stepped down and said to her: “No need to prepare food, there is still food