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people, it is silly to continue to fight if you can’t beat it.

people, it is silly to continue to fight if you can’t beat it.
But in Kobe’s eyes, if you can’t beat him but still beat him, then that’s a real man!
Phil Jackson couldn’t help laughing.
It is really rare to find someone with a similar personality to Kobe in this world.
Of course, Sun Hao didn’t know what others were thinking.
If there are no systematic hidden tasks, he should withdraw, go back to his insignificant development, and then fight again when he is well developed.
It’s just that [Kobe’s turnaround and fadeaway shot] is so tempting!
This is more tempting than the Adi female assistant Anna he met that day!
Even if there is only a 1% chance, you will always win once if you try a hundred times!
He’s a bit over the top!
Seeing the two people who had no intention of stopping, many people could no longer stand it.
Please get married where you are!
Phil Jackson chatted with Kupchak for a few words, and then left the training facility with the management.
A staff member signaled that the trial training was over.
But what made the staff dumbfounded was that not a single person from the trial training left.
Although Sun Hao has never won, and it seems that there is no possibility of winning.
But the level of duel between the two is very high.
This level of duel cannot be seen all the time.
As a result, an incredible scene unfolded at the Staples Center Arena.
A group of rookies watched Sun Hao charge at Kobe again and again.
“I don’t mean to interrupt you, but Sun, you have to go to the airport, otherwise you won’t be able to catch Utah’s tryout.”
After Rich Paul said this, the group of rookies watching the game immediately dispersed.
Some of them are also going to Utah, and some are going to other places.
They were so engrossed in watching that they almost missed their own trial training.
/Sun Hao also gave up.
After ten games, his highest score was three goals in every game.
He realized that with his current strength, it was basically impossible to beat Kobe in a one-on-one match.
This is also reasonable. If as a rookie he can outplay the second team leader in the championship on defense, that person will still be Kobe. No matter how low his draft prediction is, he will go straight to the No. 1 pick.
But the water is flowing, Kobe is in the league, and he can’t escape.
“I look forward to you joining the Lakers. You are a good one-on-one opponent.”
/Kobe reached out to Sun Hao at this time.
In the Lakers, even Glenn Rice stopped playing with him after failing to beat him in one-on-one a few times.
It is really rare to meet such an invincible Xiao Qiang like Sun Hao.
As for avenging Lu? Sorry, he forgot about it.
Sun Hao didn’t know what Kobe was thinking, but he was very happy to hear Kobe say that.
After all, if you are in a team, there will be more opportunities for duel!
“Congratulations to the host for getting the ‘Combatant’ badge.”
Just after chatting with Kobe, a sentence suddenly popped into Sun Hao’s head.
This surprise came a bit sudd