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ere was a staircase that went down into the darkness, as if leading to an abyss.

It should be connected to different sealing points of different sealed objects. It is said that it is divided into several layers. I don’t know which layer St. Selina’s ashes are placed on. Klein had just adapted to the brightness behind the door when he suddenly felt something invisible blowing in the air. His own skin, strip by stripe, was cold to the bone.
He shuddered and couldn’t help but turn on his spiritual vision.
Then, he looked around and saw that the entire Chanis Gate was filled with thin black lines. They were gently swaying, sometimes bunched together, sometimes extending, densely packed, leaving no gaps.
This is the power of the seal behind Chanis’ door. Klein nodded slightly, gathered his thoughts, and followed the guard into the “potion room” behind a thick stone door.
Soon, he found the “Amanda” hydrosol, the “Spiritual Eye” potion and the “Tranquility Potion” based on the initial letters.
He had seen the former two before, but this was the first time he came into contact with the latter. Inside the translucent glass vial, there was a blue liquid rippling gently. Just seeing it made people feel like they were back in their mother’s arms.
There is also a label on the bottle, indicating the production date and a reminder that it will be valid within six months.
Fortunately, I was able to use Klein to put away the three small bottles of potion, and left the Chanis Gate accompanied by the caretaker. I was free from the cold feeling that reached the depths of my soul, and the weird experience of being swept by black threads.
When the Chanis door closed, he couldn’t help but look back and muttered to himself:
“If you stay there for a long time, your body and soul will be affected.”
/“No wonder caretakers have to volunteer”
In the early hours of the morning, Klein locked the bedroom in a special way, pushed open the bay window, and jumped down.
The height of the second floor did not pose any danger to him now. He stood firmly without shaking.
The carriage of the Nighthawks team had stopped on the opposite side, waiting for him.
Without any unnecessary communication, Klein quickly arrived at the Tingen Lunatic Asylum in the North District. Following the prompts, he went around a corner of the wall without street lights and saw Dunn Smith waiting there.
“Let’s go in.” Dunn nodded lightly and said, “I’ve confirmed that there is no one around here.”
“Okay.” Klein quickly approached.
Entering as a “clown” and entering a madhouse always reminds me of a famous saying: It’s like going home. He joked to himself.
Immediately afterwards, he followed Dunn and used some protrusions on the wall to flip into the asylum lightly and quickly, with agile movements and excellent balance.
Dunn looked back and nodded slightly in approval.
The two of them lowered their backs and walked from the shadows and secluded places across the lawn and activity square, entered the three-story building of the asylum, and arrived at Hood