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goal made the host at the scene couldn’t help but exclaim.

goal made the host at the scene couldn’t help but exclaim.
“Interesting, Kobe seems to be announcing his return in his own way.” In
the commentary box, Reggie Miller also laughed and commented on his former opponent.
“He did this, how would Sun respond?”
Brin took over, and along with his words, the scene once again showed the camera to Sun Hao.
Both sides of the opening game were inside games, and the Lakers also made substitutions early.
In the first two rounds, after adjustments, neither team’s insiders were able to open up the situation again.
Then the game soon came to the part that fans were most looking forward to, the Sun Ke duel!
Well, the duel between the two actually started when Sun Hao was playing in the Mavericks. Even after the two exchanged clubs, every time they met, they were full of topics.
It’s just that this time, what’s different from the past is that Kobe has matured.
You can also understand that Kobe, who wears the No. 24 jersey, is the most mature and strongest Kobe.
Just like, it is recognized that James of the Heat is the best.
Or to put it another way, it used to be a duel between Sun Ke, but now it’s a duel between Sun Ke and Sun Ke at the top!
O’Neal is also preparing to set up a pick-and-roll for Sun Hao!
But at this moment, Old Dunleavy shouted from the sidelines again, and the Clippers’ defense also adjusted again.
Gasol was replaced, and Bynum continued to guard the three-second zone!
With this change, the Clippers’ ultimate defensive strategy inside came out.
If O’Neal doesn’t go out, then use Bynum, who has better confrontation ability, to fight him at the basket.
And once O’Neal pulls out, use Gasol, who is more mobile, to defend.
There’s a lot of ink in old Dunleavy’s belly!
Do you think the Clippers were able to defeat the Spurs solely because of Kobe?
This Clippers team doesn’t just have Kobe!
And just after O’Neal successfully made Fisher hit the south wall again, Gasol rushed to cover Sun Hao.
/Including Fisher, when O’Neal went inside, he rushed towards Sun Hao.
This time, the Clippers chose to double-team Sun Hao!
Sun Hao hoisted the ball directly toward the midline!
Everyone has his own way of playing, Kobe has his difficulty level, and Sun Hao has his defensive reading!
O’Neal got the ball, but Bynum didn’t choose to distribute the ball when he came to help defend him. Instead, he made a beautiful shark spin.
As the saying goes, everything is better when it’s big!
And this big one is also very flexible! Very skillful!
Bynum had no time to react. O’Neal turned around and scored the ball on the board.
And he even jumped a little after taking action.
Even if the ball didn’t go in, he could dunk it right away!
11 to 10!
Score, alternate lead!
This game is so exciting!
“I have to say, this game should be at the finals level, but now it only appears in the conference semifinals, a crazy season.”
Reggie Miller continued to express his views as a veteran.
Brin on the side couldn’t help nodding.