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window, Sun Hao still felt a little ups and downs in his heart.

window, Sun Hao still felt a little ups and downs in his heart.
Not just because of the note my father left just now.
There is also a trip to Spain, which he has never set foot in before. The culture and environment there are new challenges for him.
“Look at this.”
At this moment, Raul, who had ignored him since getting on the plane, handed him something.
After Sun Hao took it, he took a look and found that it was the team’s tactical manual.
After Raul gave it to him, he went back to his own business.
Taking advantage of this time, he carefully observed the teammates around him.
Sun Hao didn’t ask. He opened the thermos cup and looked through it while drinking wolfberry tea.
/This should be the youth team’s playbook, it’s very comprehensive.
Although Sun Hao was an assistant coach in his previous life, he was usually only responsible for team training and did not involve much in tactics.
But after playing the game for the past two years, his understanding has improved a lot compared to the beginning.
The most intuitive reflection is that in the attribute panel of his system, the golf quotient has increased from the most popular 51 to 59.
On a 100-point scale, it is considered close to the passing standard.
He can probably understand and understand general tactics.
It’s just that this manual is more complicated than he imagined.
This is true even in the lowest youth leagues, and European basketball tactics are well-deserved.
Raul gave this to him not because he thought highly of him, but because he probably didn’t have anything else with him.
But Sun Hao watched it with gusto.
The consistent training over the past two years has not only trained his body, but also his patience.
If you don’t understand, he will slowly understand.
Once he understands a little bit, he feels like he has made some progress.
The flight from Guangzhou to Madrid takes more than ten hours.
Apart from taking an occasional break, he spent most of his time studying tactics.
Time passed by unconsciously, sitting from day to night and then to day again.
When even the wolfberry tea could not protect him from back pain, the plane finally entered the border of Madrid, the capital of Spain.
“Congratulations to the host for winning the ‘Basketball IQ (Bronze)’ badge.”
At this moment, the system prompt sounded in Sun Hao’s mind.
The sound came very suddenly, even more suddenly than the last time the system appeared.
But it made Sun Hao feel extremely excited.
The Big Demon King system, in addition to basic attributes, also has badges.
In the past two years, his basic attributes have been continuously improved, but the badge has remained silent, as if it does not exist.
Unexpectedly, it was suddenly unlocked at this time!
Surprises are always something that makes people happy!
He entered the system space and pulled out the properties panel.
In the Basketball IQ column, there is an additional badge logo in the upper right corner.
Basketball IQ (Bronze): Slightly improve the understanding