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t fooled again.

t fooled again.
It turns out that just like picking up girls, you can only use the same trick once.
In the end, the Mavericks lost to the Lakers 86-99 at home, leading the total score 0-1.
Sun Hao and Nowitzki both scored 20+ points, but the OK combination continued their previous form and scored 60+ points together.
/After the game, the mood in the forum instantly turned one-sided.
No one is saying that the Lakers are weaker than before, and more people are starting to praise the Kings, regretting the Kings’ elimination even more, saying that they are the uncrowned king.
Sun Hao didn’t pay much attention to these.
/In fact, in the game between the Lakers and the Kings, black whistles are definitely indispensable, but the black whistle is not just the Kings.
Stern is not showing favoritism, what he is actually doing is controlling the field, making the game reach the tiebreaker, and gaining more eyeballs.
As for wanting the Lakers to win?
If he really wanted that, he wouldn’t have introduced so many new rules at the beginning of the season to shackle O’Neal and restrict the Lakers.
At least the whistle for the tiebreaker was fair. The Kings lost because their mentality was not adjusted properly.
Of course, those are all digressions.
Sun Hao is now concerned about the game between the Mavericks and the Lakers.
If it doesn’t work well, it is very likely that it will be swept away directly.
As Cole said, after a 46-game start and being swept, not to mention the morale of this season and next season, even the management will question the team configuration.
But the current problem is that it is difficult to limit O’Neal, let alone guarding the Mavericks’ inside line. In addition, Kobe is not able to get ahead.
This is actually not a question of who is better, the Kings or the Mavericks, but the style is too restrained.
“Let Steve organize the offense, and I’ll wear down Kobe.”
Sun Hao put forward his own idea.
“No, I have made my own decision.”
But this time Nelson did not accept Sun Hao’s idea.
And he didn’t tell Sun Hao in advance.
He didn’t announce the adjustment until the training session.
Nash will come on the bench, Bell will enter the starting lineup to defend Kobe, and Finley will help defend.
Nelson is going to use two wings to guard Kobe.
And that’s not the only adjustment he made. He also put LaFrentz on the bench.
He directly started with Battelle!
Battle’s slow movement speed conflicts with the Mavericks’ defensive counterattack style, and he basically didn’t play much in the previous games.
After Sabonis was injured, Nelson also used the relatively more mobile Collins.
And he started as the starter as soon as he came up. Nelson wanted to take the lead.
His subsequent arrangements also showed that he indeed thought so.
Battelle will not start for too long. In fact, he is a pseudo-starter.
“The Lakers are the strongest team in this era. Each of you needs to give your best to have a chance to win.”
Unlike the previous game against the Spurs, Ne