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k early.

k early.
/This is to deal with him the same way as O’Neal and Duncan.
After all, Yao Ming was only in his second year at this time, and his performance under this level of defense was greatly limited.
He chose to turn around and lean back, but it was too difficult. The ball hit the front of the basket and bounced out, and the rebound was also collected by Dampier.
/After almost two minutes of play, the Wizards had yet to score.
By the time five minutes were played, the score on the court was already 11 to 2!
The Mavericks were on the offensive, but the Wizards only relied on Yao Ming’s free throws to score 2 points!
In fact, the past few games have illustrated the strength gap between the two teams.
Stern’s wave, Jordan’s wave, and two waves were forced to continue before.
But this thing is like o’clock, the time will come.
Coupled with the Mavericks’ concentration tonight, the Wizards, like the previous three games, did not have much ability to parry.
Van Gundy called a timeout.
Although his ability to respond to situations was average, everyone could see that the situation was so dire.
After the timeout, Jordan holds the ball.
Some fans watching the game on TV were excited.
In adversity, only Jordan can save the Wizards.
In fact, not only the fans, but Van Gundy also pinned his hopes on Jordan.
Jordan singled out Bell and kept shaking his feet.
But it is this attempt that allows people to see the difference between him and the past few games.
The reason why basketball players’ knees are prone to injuries is because they jump a lot.
On the other hand, if you want to jump high quickly, you must have good knees.
Jordan obviously no longer has this.
In the end, he failed to get rid of Bell and forcefully turned around and took a shot. Neither the timing nor the effect was good.
Bell was interfered with, and his shot finally hit the frame, and the rebound was collected by Dampier.
Jordan’s singles failed!
The fans at the scene were sighing.
Although it was just a ball, everyone realized that Jordan’s knee pads were not tied to watch.
The god of the last game came down to earth and already hollowed out the body of the 40-year-old basketball god.
And at this time, fans also saw that Jordan’s containment at the beginning was different from the past few games.
In the past it was a tactical requirement, but tonight it was a necessity.
The Mavericks played a fast break, and Nowitzki dunked after receiving the ball, recreating the “I am so fierce” scene.
13 to 2!
The point difference has been stretched to double digits!
“It’s time.”
In the commentary box, Kenny Smith has already made a conclusion.
Although the game has only started not long ago, the difference in state and strength between the two teams has already made the game less suspenseful.
Cole said nothing, but basically acquiesced.
After being blocked for two games, the Mavericks’ concentration on the game reached the highest point in the series.
The Wizards can’t beat the Mavericks.
The Wizar