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over him.

over him.
After leaving the military tent, Du Gaofeng arrived: “Special envoy, please follow me. Your room is over here.”
Yin Kuang followed Du Gaofeng as he walked through the military tent and did not notice the two people walking out from behind.
“Hey, Sequoia, did you feel that the person just now looked familiar?”
/“Yes? I don’t think so. Are you dazzled by the blood flag? How can there be any acquaintance of ours in this place?”
“Hiss? Okay, forget it. I’m blinded.” After saying that, Xueqi sighed, “Poor Boss Xiong, it’s just gone.” ”
Okay, everyone is dead, so stop talking nonsense. Go drink.”
“Yes, drink. , go drink!”
Under the leadership of Du Gaofeng, Yin Kuang came to an underground space. This is a room of about 80 square meters. There is nothing here except a metal bed. After Du Gaofeng left, Yin Kuang glanced at the empty room and thought to himself: “This woman really doesn’t regard clones as human beings.” Since no monitoring device was found, Yin Kuang became casual. With a sneer, he lay down on the metal bed and fell asleep with his eyes closed.
At this moment, the last trace of friendship for King Ada disappeared without a trace. It can be seen from King Ada’s attitude towards “clones” that she purely regards clones as tools that can be used at will, not even as good as slaves. King Ada’s fleeting chill just now was also caught by Yin Kuang. From this we can guess that King Ada also has no friendship at all towards Yin Kuang.
/This woman is no longer King Ada from more than a thousand years ago, but the president of humanity in this world, the supreme ruler!
Since you are ruthless, you can’t blame me for being ruthless. Thinking of this, Yin Kuang suddenly regretted not killing the woman directly just now.
But then Yin Kuang frowned. Because of King Ada’s strength! How could a cyborg with only B-level strength be able to sit in the high position of human chairman? ! Putting this in a university is as ridiculous as saying that a freshman becomes the president of the student union. Even if King Ada possesses “Clone Yin Kuang”, it is impossible to become the chairman of mankind with these external forces alone.
After all, the current biochemical world is nakedly based on strength!
What Yin Kuang cares about is not the strength of King Ada, but that it is impossible to have the ability to dominate the world with B-level strength. Perhaps in the regular world, one can rely on “power” to dominate the world, but in this Resident Evil world, only strength is the most fundamental. So the question becomes, if King Ada is not another person who dominates this world, who will it be?
Yin Kuang stroked his forehead and thought wholeheartedly.
“By the way, it seems that there is no news about these two guys Isaacs and Aikenfo so far!” Yin Kuang suddenly opened his eyes, “Whether it’s the T virus, or the later G virus, or even the C virus, I’m afraid… It has something to do with these two virus doctors. If you really think about it, it is actually Isaacs or Aikenfeng who led the ch