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t high altitude were all caused by Wesker.

t high altitude were all caused by Wesker.
Positive personality labels such as “generous” and “kind” obviously cannot be applied to Wesker. This time King Ada caused him to almost die. How could he give up? He would definitely want to settle the score with King Ada. Needless to say, this account must be paid with the lives of King Ada and all humans. Perhaps in Wesker’s eyes, killing King Ada is even more important than taking down Yin Kuang.
/However, Wesker obviously underestimated the defense system of “Central Capital”. After King Ada left the mountain base, she declared that all mankind had entered a “red alert” state! The defense system of the “Central Capital” has been fully activated. From the sky to the ground to the ground, a completely three-dimensional defense system covers this last bastion of human civilization. Wesker successfully scaled the 100-meter city wall, but still triggered an alarm on the wall. The defense force, which had already been prepared for war, immediately “welcomed” the uninvited guest who climbed over the wall with artillery, firearms and swords. Ordinary weapons and cyborgs naturally have nothing to do with Wesker. Even if the “Magic Cannon” can threaten Wesker but misses, it is useless. Therefore, Wesker once broke through several lines and almost broke into the city. But the casualties of those purebreds and cyborgs were not in vain. Their greatest achievement was to hold Wesker off until the “Chairman’s Guards” arrived.
Therefore, Yin Kuang, a group of S-class clones, blocked Wesker on the city wall with his unafraid attitude.
Under the city wall, Yin Kuang thought about it and decided to go up and help Wesker!
First, he must rush into the city, otherwise he will be the first to suffer when the “Creator” monster catches up. But with Wesker’s strength blocked on the city wall, can he break through the defense line? So helping Wesker at this moment is helping yourself. Secondly, I think Wesker is going to settle accounts with King Ada. At this time, Yin Kuang will not give up any opportunity to cause trouble to King Ada.
To be honest, he is not suitable for action in his current state. After all, he only has about 5% of his purple dragon soul power left. Even the soul power of the Ancestral Dragon was completely consumed once again when it was used to escape. But does he have any choice? Fortunately, he still has enough “sources”. Although it has been extracted and used many times, the “source” obtained from Lyon is still surplus. Now Yin Kuang really felt that killing Leon was the wisest decision.
So Yin Kuang took off the clothes of a clone on the ground, put them on himself, and climbed towards the city wall. Although the wall is as smooth as a mirror, Yin Kuang’s strength can grab him into the wall, so he can climb without any hindrance. When he climbed to about ninety meters and was about to reach the city wall, Yin Kuang turned back and looked at the mountains and forests to the west, and his eyes narrowed. Because he saw a large area of ??flesh color appearing i