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in Kuang activated his G Eye Technique, “Since you have Bai Lu’s consciousness, don’t you know that anything hidden cannot escape my eyes? Eyes?”

in Kuang activated his G Eye Technique, “Since you have Bai Lu’s consciousness, don’t you know that anything hidden cannot escape my eyes? Eyes?”
However, in Yin Kuang’s heart, he sighed. Because “Bai Lu” looked down upon him so much at this time, it proved that the real Bai Lu didn’t really take him seriously.
/“Qi! I was careless.” Bai Lu bared his teeth, like a wild beast, “But it doesn’t matter! I can take care of all of you by myself! You all just die obediently!” After saying that, Bai Lu kicked his feet. Kick, his body turned into a shooting star, his claws were in chaos, and he shot towards Yin Kuang.
Seeing Bai Lu’s speed, Yin Kuang secretly said, “It’s so fast.” Obviously, after some kind of encounter, Bai Lu’s strength has also been greatly improved. The skills being displayed now were obviously not any of the skills Bai Lu had mastered before.
Yin Kuang raised the Lion Shield in front of his chest and shouted “For Narnia!” in his heart. Unfortunately, the oath was not successfully concluded this time. Bai Lu’s chaotic claws were right on the Lion King’s shield. Yin Kuang took advantage of the situation and pushed against Bai Lu with his shield. After the collision, one flew backwards and the other continued to fall backwards.
Since neither side actually attacked the other, there was no damage to either side in this attack. It’s just that a few points of blood were symbolically deducted from Yin Kuang, which should be caused by the shock after the collision. But Bai Lu is probably about the same.
However, Yin Kuang was still a little surprised by the terrifying force that seemed to be hit by a truck just now. However, he was using his feet to support the ground, but Bai Lu had nowhere to use his strength. Even after the collision, he was still knocked out five or six meters. This proved that Bai Lu’s strength was higher than his own, and it was much higher!
Fortunately, Yin Kuang did not activate G form at this time. In other words, after turning on the G form and gaining twice the increase in strength, even if Bai Lu transforms into a wolf form, he should still be able to surpass Bai Lu in terms of attributes.
“Haha! It’s great!” After landing, Bai Lu, who slid on the ground for a while, shouted loudly, “Yin Kuang, let’s have a good fight today! Haha!” After saying that, he let out a wolf roar. , and then the body immediately expanded, and in an instant it turned into a giant humanoid wolf with a head and a height of nearly four meters.
However, the palm trees around it were too dense. When it transformed like this, its body was restricted in many ways. But the werewolf Bai Lu didn’t care at all. He roared and destroyed the surrounding palm trees. With a sweep of his sharp claws, he chopped down the large palm trees like wheat. After a lot of destruction, Bai Lu strode towards Yin Kuang, “Suffer death, Yin Kuang!”
“William” Susan yelled, and as she spoke, she pulled out a Red Queen’s Arrow, Putting it on the bow string, a sharp momentum suddenly shot up into the sky. At the same time, a c