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t combat power. The rest of the god-levels are all Zerg god-levels. The five demigod clones have great potential and are expected to reach god-level in a short time.

Once the five demigod clones become god-level, David can have a powerful human god-level in both the divine world and the interstellar federation. At the same time, the five demigod clones can completely replace David’s identity.
Each of the five demigod clones uses an ‘Emperor Level Heritage Pattern’, which can speed up the time to advance to the god level.
As for the four demigod Zerg who were just killed, the demigod souls absorbed by David using Shadow Attendant were all resurrected into four Zerg demigod clones after some operations.
At this point, David has a terrifying power in the Zerg world, with four Zerg god-level clones, eight Zerg demigod clones, and close to twenty Zerg legendary clones.
/These are just the strengths of the Zerg. In the divine world, there is the black dragon Alexis, the clone of the ‘Shadow God’, and the ‘Forest Mother Goddess’.
However, David is not complacent. He needs time to continue to improve his strength. Only after he himself becomes god-level and the five demigod clones also become god-level will he become truly powerful.
It’s a pity that the Zerg gods are prepared, and it is almost impossible to assassinate them.
The big world of gods is not easy to assassinate, and the gods are more cunning than the Zerg gods. Whether it is the five gods or the ten evil gods, they are all hidden in their own small worlds. If they want to find the gods and kill them, unless they are like ‘ Like the god of shadows, he cast himself into a trap.
After David had done this, he started a new round of practice with many clones without thinking more about it.
After many days of fear, the ‘Mother Queen’ and the five Zerg gods finally confirmed that the demigod Arthur and the black dragon Alexis would not continue to rob the rest of the Zerg areas, and they were relieved. , the Zerg world returned to its seemingly peaceful state.
/What disturbed David’s peaceful cultivation life was a piece of news from Speaker Gould in the divine world.
This news was passed to Anton Legend Knight, which was the most urgent way Annabelle Legend knew to contact David.
When David woke up from a round of training, he received a message from Anton’s legendary knight.
He frowned slightly. He didn’t want to be disturbed at this time. In recent days, he and the cube super-intelligent system were studying how to maximize the use of the ‘Emperor-Level Heritage Pattern’.
Now that David has eight ‘Emperor-Level Heritage Patterns’, he wants to use some kind of divine pattern array to use the eight ‘Emperor-Level Heritage Patterns’ as the nodes of the divine pattern array to combine the ‘Emperor-Level Heritage Patterns’ Patterns’ taken to the extreme.
It’s just that this job is not easy and requires him to study the divine pattern array more deeply.
Whenever David is free, he will participate in research projects specifically designed for cube super-inte