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tate of Heinhaiman who maintained close contact with them.

tate of Heinhaiman who maintained close contact with them.
Although the countries of the Green Leaf Continent are full of conflicts with each other, the appearance of an extremely aggressive native tribe that is about to unify the entire Hell Islands is enough to attract all the ‘firepower’.
In addition, even if he returns to Earth immediately, Zhang Lisheng has no ability to fight against ‘Atlantis’ at this moment. He can do very little except wait and see.
Many thoughts flashed through his mind. The young man was silent for a while, then made up his mind with difficulty and said: “Since you don’t understand the situation, then I’d better stay in the ‘World of Sea Shrimp No. 2’, Someriel.” Madam.”
“What do you mean, stay here?” Pochi, who had been silent next to him, said in surprise. Fortunately, this well-dressed FBI agent remembered to lower his voice.
“Yes, stay here.” Having made the decision, Zhang Lisheng’s attitude became firmer, “In a chaotic situation, no one is safe. I think it is a smart person to wait until the situation stabilizes before returning to Earth. .
In fact, not only do I not plan to go back, I also want to persuade you to stay here together.”
“No one is safe in this chaotic situation…” Alison repeated the young man’s words, hesitated, and sighed softly. “You are right, Li Sheng, but we are different from you, we are federal employees…” The
/black female officer’s words caused everyone to be silent for a while. After a few seconds, the young man suddenly raised his glass and said: “In this case, I respect you and your responsibility. Heart. Alison.”
While Zhang Lisheng was toasting, Yaji, who was dancing gracefully on the splendid hall dance floor, was spinning gracefully while quietly looking at the young man’s tall back from a distance, and whispered doubtfully: ” In Caimanluo, the mysterious Mr. Zhang Lisheng is toasting with his equally mysterious companions.
A group of powerful spellcasters, warriors and scholars from a ‘foreign continent’, what are they planning? The origins will really tell So innocent?”
Looking at the dazzling beauty of the dance partner in his arms under the dazzling firelight, he is uniquely dressed in a military uniform, with a resolute and tough face, and a strong chest that seems to hold up a reasonable shirt. The broken city defense officer reluctantly replied: “Don’t worry Yaji, no matter what they are planning, I will never allow anyone to do anything to you… no. It is not good for Haiyinhaiman City. Stop thinking about it,
okay? Even if it’s just tonight, dance with me, and you’ll have to leave tomorrow.”
“Oh, I’m sorry Caimanluo, I didn’t mean to.” The woman said apologetically.
“I won’t forgive you unless you dance with me in the next dance.” The city defense officer hesitated. Gradually tightening the palms on the waist of the dance partner, he said nervously.
During this voyage, Zhang Lisheng still got a good cabin on the flagship of the fleet. After becoming a god and mastering the control power of “water”, he could imp