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, the mysterious man wearing a black robe and hood raised his arms as if to embrace the crimson moon high in the sky.

At this moment, his body suddenly became insubstantial, dyed light red, and turned into a hazy moonlight.
The moonlight shattered instantly, turned into pieces of red scales, and dissipated in place.
This is an extraordinary ability possessed by the Sequence 5 “Crimson Scholar” of the “Medicine Master” pathway. For a Sequence 4 “Witch King”, it has almost become an instinct.
And where the “Witch King” was just now, a figure was quickly outlined.
This is a huge rag doll with golden hair and bright red eyes. It wears a black Gothic dress engraved with countless mysterious patterns and entangled with evil vines. Its skin does not have the luster that humans should have.
/Renette Tinichole!
/What he summoned with the “Star Staff” was himself in his perfect state.
Of course, what Klein lent to the messenger lady was the real “Star Staff”, which was brought to the real world from above the gray fog in advance.
——If this were not the case, it would be equivalent to Klein’s historical pore image summoning the “Star Staff” projection, and then the “Star Staff” projection summoning Renette Tinichole in her past peak state. All these burdens would be Added to “Magician” Forsi, her spirituality was quickly drained.
Temporarily handing over the “Star Staff” body to Renette Tinichole for use can effectively avoid this problem, and all the spiritual energy consumed will be borne by the “ancient evil object” itself.
At the same time, Renette Tinichole may be one of the beings who is least afraid of the negative effects of the “Star Staff”.
As a representative of the Temperance Sect, as a “puppet” and a “rag doll”, he can completely prevent any images from appearing in his mind. After being transformed into a secret state, it is difficult for the “Star Staff” to affect him anymore. historical pore images.
Renette Tinichole, who was in perfect condition just now, tried to approach invisibly, and directly possessed and controlled the “Witch King” of the Rose School, so that the battle ended instantly. However, the opponent actually sensed the danger in advance and escaped first with the help of the moonlight. “Possessed by a resentful spirit”.
In the crimson light that shrouded the earth, pieces of red scales quickly reorganized in the distance, condensing into the “Witch King” of the Rose School wearing a black robe and a hood. He closed his eyes tightly, not daring to look directly at the “ancient man” opposite him. evil thing”.
At the same time, on the other side of the battlefield, a figure of Youdao quickly emerged. It was Gehrman Sparrow wearing a black trench coat and a top hat. He had a transparent glove on his left palm, raised his right hand, and slapped Snapped his fingers.
Clumps of crimson fire then shot up all over the battlefield, as if announcing a grand performance.
As soon as the “Witch King” completed his reorganization, he stretched out his left hand and tore the clothe