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support your business. It’s been a while.”

support your business. It’s been a while.”
Hearing Han Xuan’s refusal, Donald became anxious and said: “What will it take for you to agree? The conditions are very generous and you will definitely not lose money. I guarantee it with my credibility!”
“I know Mr. He has a very good reputation.”
The information said that he often engaged in charity activities. Once his car broke down on the road, someone helped him, and Donald then helped the good Samaritan pay off all the housing loans.
Han Xuan can believe this, but the investment and income are not directly proportional, and it has not yet reached his psychological expectations. He thought for a while and said: “I must get the development rights No. 200. As for what you said before, 150 million , give me 20% interest for half a year. You don’t have to take out the money after half a year. We will jointly set up a new company to develop Lot 220. As for the share sharing, it depends on how much money you can invest by then.” ”
This is impossible! The conditions are too harsh!” Donald stood up suddenly, his face turned red instantly, he clenched his fists and wanted to knock on the table, but then he held back, which meant that the two pieces of meat in his hands were suddenly only half a piece, and no one could bear it. .
“Listen to me.”
/Han Xuan stood up and pressed his hands, telling him not to get excited, and said: “With this money for speculation, just by selling the backlog of houses in your hand, you can get more than a month’s worth of money back. With a capital of 100 million, I bought the development rights for No. 200 from you for 10 million U.S. dollars. The demolition only cost more than 3 million. As housing prices in New York rise, New Jersey and Florida will follow suit. Then you can make money and invest in it. , the new company is still yours, and I can even give you priority financing rights. Once you get back the land entrusted by the bank, you can develop it again and take advantage of this opportunity to make a fortune.”
Donald took a deep breath and sat down, impulsively. Can’t solve the problem.
/After thinking for a while, he said: “I will help you contact the city hall and buy the permanent use rights of 200 59th Street at a low price. I can also agree to 20% interest for half a year. But the new company cannot do this. This matter has to rely on Trump. The reputation of Pu Company can only be achieved. Trump has not been listed, and the shares are all in my hands. I will give you 25% of the company’s shares in half a year.” ”
Okay, sir, it seems that the problem now is all about the shares.” Han Xuan I agreed with his proposal and continued: “I think it would be better not to wait half a year. Now Trump’s company is valued at nearly 400 million U.S. dollars. I will buy 40% of your shares for 1.5 billion. What do you think?
” At its peak, it was worth US$1.3 billion! The price of Trump’s company is far undervalued!” ”
But it is almost bankrupt, right? If the bank hadn’t relaxed your repayment period. You don’t want to m