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ulate on this not-so-beautiful world. Things became simpler in their eyes. With your words and my words, we planned how to let more people eat it. thing.

ulate on this not-so-beautiful world. Things became simpler in their eyes. With your words and my words, we planned how to let more people eat it. thing.
Han Xuan smiled and said nothing. Even if he donated all the money, it would only allow the poor people to live a good life for a period of time, which is not a sustainable development. The solution is, he understands that teaching a man to fish is better than teaching him to fish. His sisters are still in their naturally lively childhood. He doesn’t want them to know too much about the bad side of the world. As long as they are happy, that’s all.
Move forward. After walking for a while, my feet were already covered with mud and grass. There were local people to guide the way, otherwise it would be difficult to find the settlement of silverback gorillas. The edge of the territory is five kilometers away from Huoyan Village. The wells on both sides do not interfere with the river. Occasionally, There will also be interactions. According to local people, they have even eaten those gorillas, and the taste is not good. Similarly, there are also villagers’ children who have been taken away by those silverback gorillas, and they may have been used as food.
Han Xuan’s two sisters could still hold on for the first two or three kilometers, but the mountain road was not flat and was too rough, so the bodyguards began to take turns holding them. This weight was not difficult for the bodyguards. At this moment, Gabriel quietly pointed up the path. Pointing his finger, Han Xuan raised his head and looked up when he saw it, and almost screamed!
/Because a large python with a bulging belly, a length of about eight meters, and a body thicker than a small bucket was resting on a tree. Its head was facing Han Xuan and others. Similarly, there were more than a dozen submachine guns pointed at it. Once the python is found to be making moves, it will inevitably lose its life.
Fortunately, Gloria and Felicina didn’t see it, otherwise they would have been scared to tears. They have a natural dislike for snakes. When they were two years old, they were frightened by a non-venomous milk snake in the wild, and they have stayed with them ever since. shadow.
In fact, only her sister Felicina was frightened, but Gloria also began to hate snakes. Han Xuan didn’t know whether the “telepathy” between twins existed, so he couldn’t draw a conclusion. But it is true that the sisters have a good understanding of each other, and it can be seen from the way they speak.
The walk took longer than expected. Han Xuan’s shoes and socks were all wet, and the soles of his feet seemed to have blisters. He set off at about six o’clock and arrived after nine o’clock. The path was winding and longer than it looked on the map. Yes, I flew over in a helicopter some time ago and saw the silverback gorillas from a distance, but I had never been here on foot.
A young villager named Zabusi dared to risk his life and bring them to this area for the “sky-high reward” of two lighters and a pot. This area wa