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If this is a game, then the difficulty of this game is too great, right? Can’t people have a moment of peace? At least give it a little time to breathe, right?

If this is a game, then the difficulty of this game is too great, right? Can’t people have a moment of peace? At least give it a little time to breathe, right?
/In the few dozen minutes that Liu Qian and others were eating in the city, some tornadoes disappeared, but some new tornadoes appeared. Just when the vigilant player was observing outside, several tornadoes very close to here appeared. A new tornado suddenly sprang up a block away, and then swept towards the community, becoming more and more powerful and windy.
It is impossible to escape now, and the outside world is far more terrifying than inside the room. You can barely escape for a while by staying in the house with the solidity of reinforced concrete, but if you run outside and try to escape on the extremely complicated streets The tornado that was sweeping in at high speed was simply seeking death.
“Master Liu, what should we do now?” Looking at the tornado that was getting closer and closer, everyone’s pupils became bigger and bigger, and they asked Liu Gan in unison.
“Stay away from doors and windows, and then, let nature take its course.” Liu Qian replied to everyone.
In the face of such an overwhelming natural force, human wisdom, courage, belief, and will are all so fragile that they are completely vulnerable. Even Liu Qian, a strong man both physically and mentally, cannot help himself at this time. Not resigned to fate.
Everyone was silent. At this time, they could only silently pray to God for mercy. I really don’t know when this fear, this despair, these bone-deep tremors will come to an end.
Soon the tornado came near the community and swept into the air a few zombies that Liu Gan and others had not killed just now in the entrance square of the community. Some messy things were also thrown high by the wind, and they hit the building with extremely terrifying sounds, but luckily they didn’t hit near the room where everyone was.
The sky was getting darker, because the flying zombies and debris made the room look like it was night. When the wind actually reached the building where everyone was located, the entire building shook violently. Under the pressure of the huge wind pressure, the closed windows in the room felt like they might explode at any time.
The shaking of the building made everyone’s faces turn pale, and the repeated impacts of some unknown objects on the building also made people feel frightened. If this building cannot withstand the power of a tornado, or is accidentally hit by a giant object and collapses, then all of them will be buried alive in the ruins of this building’s collapse.
Surviving in the apocalypse is already a very difficult thing, and we have to face such a torture of nature and the test of such harsh natural conditions.
According to survivors, the weather in the city was not so bad before the game Thriller World began. At that time, it was not always cloudy like it is now. The sun was always shining and the four seasons were distinct. All of this only began to become so bad after the disas