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ask, if you lose, you will lose one level or some credits at most, but you have come to this point, and Liu Gan doesn’t want to lose.

ask, if you lose, you will lose one level or some credits at most, but you have come to this point, and Liu Gan doesn’t want to lose.
And, he never lost.
Opening his eyes and looking at the kawaii-style layout around the room, Liu Qian remembered that he slept on Liu Ruyan’s bed.
Moreover, Liu Ruyan was sitting at the desk in the room, whether he was reading or doing homework.
“Are you awake?”
The sound of Liu Qian getting out of bed startled Liu Ruyan, and she hurriedly walked over.
“Yeah.” Liu Qian nodded. The feeling of being with her was very strange. He still couldn’t explain what it felt like.
“You go and wash up first. I’ll prepare a meal for you.” Liu Ruyan turned around and took a clean towel and toothbrush cup and handed them to Liu Qian.
“No need to go to such trouble, I can just eat somewhere.” Liu Qian stood up and smiled at Liu Ruyan.
“I’ve prepared the food, I just need to heat it up.” Liu Ruyan pushed Liu Qian towards the bathroom without any explanation.
“Is grandma okay?” Liu Qian asked Liu Ruyan.
“It’s much better than yesterday. I’m talking to grandpa in the room.” Liu Ruyan pointed to the room next to her.
/“Well, she should be fine.” Liu Gan took a look and nodded.
“Then can you untie the rope? It’s very troublesome to tie her up to eat, go to the bathroom, etc.” Liu Ruyan asked Liu Qian for instructions.
“Not yet, it’s best to wait and see for a while.” Liu Gan shook his head. No one knows what will happen until the evil spirit is truly eradicated.
“Okay, it’s up to you.” Liu Ruyan pushed Liu Qian into the bathroom, and then went to the kitchen to get busy.
“Brother, you said you often take adventures in the wild?” Liu Ruyan asked Liu Qian while looking at the news on his phone while Liu Qian was eating.
“Then you must have a lot of survival experience, right?”
“Of course.”
“Brother, tell me, what should we do if we encounter a lion or tiger in the wild, especially if it pounces on us? The correct way to respond?
“You mean, you met a lion or a tiger alone in the wild?”
“Yes, what do you think I should do at that time?” Liu Ruyan nodded.
“Human beings cannot defeat large beasts such as lions and tigers. Let alone you, even a big man like me will have a headache when encountering such beasts. Of course, I can imitate Wu Song and kill them, but you can’t.” Liu Gan thought for a while.
“Then I can only escape?” Liu Ruyan’s eyes widened.
“You are not as fast as them, there is no point in escaping.” Liu Gan shook his head.
“What should I do rightly?”
“You should turn around, face it bravely, look into its eyes with your most ferocious gaze, open your arms and pretend to scratch hard. Show it, show your teeth and roar at it extremely ferociously, confront it tit for tat and never give in. This is the only right choice.” Liu Qian thought for a while and answered Liu Ruyan.
“Can this scare it away?” Liu Ruyan looked excited.
“No, in this case, you will die with more dignity.” Liu Gan shook his head.
“Brother, you are so bad!” Liu Ruyan wa