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communication to ask Mint.

communication to ask Mint.
“I lost contact with her the day before yesterday, but she gave me a bunch of rune keys. As long as I enter them in order, I can put the magic cabinet away.” Mint answered Liu Qian.
“Tell me the rune key.” Liu Gan said to Mint.
“Have you figured out how to take her away? She was unable to respond to my communication and was probably in a coma. Although you now control the leader of the Holy Sword Camp, once the magic cabinet moves, there is a high possibility that it will alarm After receiving the order from their headquarters, those mecha soldiers will stop you from leaving at all costs.” Mint expressed its worries.
“Are there any nearby monitoring devices connected to their headquarters? If I destroyed those monitoring devices, wouldn’t their headquarters be able to know that the magic cabinet has been moved? Then we can just quietly leave the Holy Sword Camp.” Liu Qian thought about it Wanted to answer Mint.
/“The energy level released when the magic cabinet is placed in the room and when it is put away is very different. They will definitely monitor the energy level of the magic cabinet remotely. If there is an abnormality, they will immediately send direct orders to let the mecha soldiers block it. With the combat power and speed of action of these mecha soldiers, once they take action, you will not be able to leave.”
“In addition, your previous method of destroying the magnetic energy conversion device not only gave us a new opportunity to complete the mission, but also caused trouble. New troubles have arisen. After knowing the importance of the magic cabinet, the corpse clan may also join in the fight for the magic cabinet.” Min Min explained to Liu Qian in detail.
“What hidden secrets are hidden in the magic cabinet? Are so many forces fighting for it?” Liu Gan asked Bo Bo, although he knew that Bo Bo would not necessarily tell him the truth on this issue.
“The magic cabinet, and the Book of Heaven that comes with it, can allow a civilization with rune technology as its main technology to develop to at least level five. The rune technology and some psychic technology contained in it can allow many elementary civilizations to develop Avoid many detours; even if the main technology is not a civilization with rune technology, after obtaining the magic cabinet, they can use the magic cabinet to exchange it with the rune technology civilization to obtain a large amount of the resources they want. The magic cabinet, a relic of the ancient civilization in the divine domain, is beneficial to all universes. As far as civilization is concerned, it is simply a priceless treasure.” Minmin surprisingly answered Liu Qian truthfully and in detail.
“What’s the relationship between Didi and the magic cabinet?” Liu Gan asked Mint again.
“I don’t know this.”
“It’s not that you don’t know, it’s that you don’t want to say it.” Liu Gan exposed Mint.
“I really don’t know, but what I can tell you is that if you only own the magic cabinet without Didi, the value of the magic cabinet