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or quickly opened, spitting out a silver-black three-layer “jewelry box” inlaid with various gemstones.

The “Exiled” “Box of the Old” has returned.
Botis, with crazy eyes, caught the box, showed a cruel and bloodthirsty smile, and was about to open it suddenly.
Regarding the return or return to normal of Botis’s “0” level sealed object, “Hermit” Cattleya and “Justice” Audrey have made certain plans. After all, they are not sure that they will be able to return to normal in such a short period of time. Kill a demigod.
If Botis had not fallen into a trap and suffered “mental plague”, “Sleeping Beauty”, “Frenzy” and fatal blows in succession, and was in a state of madness and dementia, he would actually have many opportunities to “teleport” away directly without being able to stop him.
/In that case, Cattleya and Audrey can only wait for Botis to return to the “safe house”, release Forsi, wait for Forsi’s “Eye of Secrets” to give feedback, and then exert remote influence to give The “magician” lady created the opportunity to conjure images of historical apertures.
At this moment, faced with Botis, who was clearly in the out-of-control passage and unable to reverse, and faced with his crazy behavior in trying to completely open the “0” level sealed object, Cattleya in the center of the scene and Audrey lurking outside the woods At the same time, he made a similar action, that is, he took out a slightly transparent dark charm and read a word in giant language:
This is a “teleportation” spell, a spell that Klein made by himself based on the patterns, logos and symbols “recorded” in the “Lemanor Travel Notes”.
——Since “Origin Castle” can mobilize the power of the “Stealer” path, there is no reason why it cannot respond to the prayers of the “Apprentice” field!
As for the materials required for the spell, both “Mysticist” Cattleya and “Traveller” Forsi have a certain understanding, and there is no need for Mr. Fool to teach them separately.
/When Audrey and the two were about to activate the talisman to “teleport” away and prepare to come back in a minute or two to confirm the situation, Botis, with a cruel smile and crazy eyes, suddenly froze in his movements.
It was extremely heavy, as if it was wrapped and suppressed by layers of power, making it impossible to open it.
It feels like Butis is trying to open up a new world rather than a box.
After a moment, he didn’t know what he sensed. The madness in his eyes receded, and emotions of extreme surprise, shock, and fear emerged.
Tick-tock, tick-tock, light clusters slid down one after another from Botis’s body. They touched the ground and turned into insects made of bright starlight.
The bodies of these insects were bent into a semicircle, surrounding a wonderful light, like illusory doors one after another.
Botis, who was transforming into an incomplete mythical creature form, suddenly and uncontrollably collapsed and disintegrated.
With two snaps, his two eyes fell to the ground, stained with dust.
These two eyes were filled with indescribable te