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blankly at the mind map in front of him, which listed all affiliated companies with Central Control as the center.

blankly at the mind map in front of him, which listed all affiliated companies with Central Control as the center.
Zhao Songte is curious: How will Qi Qiangdong’s more than 500 personal companies be managed in the future?
Are they all leather goods companies? ! ! !
“How many more meetings are there?”
/Liu Ying looked at the schedule in her hand and asked,
“Boss, what day are you asking about?”
Zhao Song changed the question, “How many meetings will there be on average a day in the next week? ?”
“Three large meetings, excluding temporary meetings.”
Zhao Song looked at the map on the whiteboard and decided after thinking: “Please contact Shenzhou Group, Sina Company, and Shanda Network immediately for meeting arrangements. One day.”
“Boss” Liu Ying raised her head in surprise.
“Please contact the bearded assistant. Shenzhou Group needs to prepare in advance for my resignation as honorary director of the group. Before leaving for Europe, I want them to completely isolate the funds between Shenzhou and SPC.”
Liu Ying said in the schedule It was quickly recorded on the website that, unlike Tesla and other companies, Zhongkong manages Zhao Song’s shares in various companies and does not participate in corporate management. Zhao Song will do whatever he says in this head office. No one can persuade him. It is completely decided with one word!
“Boss, do you have any ideas about Shanda?”
Since the starting point was Tesla’s listing, Tesla’s chief secretary Liu Ying also began to assist Zhao Song in overall work.
“That’s right!” Zhao Song didn’t hide anything.
“Boss, if Shanda”
“There is no if!” Zhao Song said categorically, “If I am destined to be scolded, it cannot be attributed to the children. This is also one of my obsessions!”
“But Chen Qiao’s listing application It will help you a lot!” Liu Ying obviously had different opinions. They were businessmen and had objections to Mr. Zhao Song’s too much personal feelings. “If Shanda goes public, it will have a huge impact on the domestic wealth list. , and you don’t even need Wu Ming and Nanda Optoelectronics to go
/public to achieve your goal!” “China Control has a plan for this, tell Wen Zhenwen to implement it, and exchange it for Sina shares, which will be jointly managed by Shenzhou Group and me. Ready, she knows how to deal with it.”
Liu Ying nodded helplessly and agreed in a muffled voice.
“Get some rest early.” After dealing with the most important matters, Zhao Song stood up, “By the way, are there many thank you banquets?”
Liu Ying thought for a while: “It’s quite a lot. The listing quota is precious, so we can give two to Zhongkong The company is going public, so there are many people who need to thank.”
“Put Tesla’s new Tpod mini among the thank-you gifts, and remind the distinguished guests to keep it secret as much as possible when giving the gift.”
Liu Ying understood what Zhao Song meant and laughed: “I guess their families can’t help but show off.”
“That’s exactly what we need.” Zhao Song stretched his body and