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raised my feet, I realized that there was a big problem!

raised my feet, I realized that there was a big problem!
I had just been bitten by a kid, and the Yin Qi entered my body. And I didn’t have any more Motan Sect coins with me, so the Yin Qi invaded my body smoothly and penetrated into my meridians. Although it does no harm to me temporarily, it will greatly hinder my actions. And over time. The yin energy entering my body will accumulate more and more, and then more and more body parts will be numb, which will make it even more troublesome!
/I tried to take a few steps back, but one of my legs refused to obey me at all, and I could only barely support myself from falling.
You have to kill the kid in front of you as soon as possible, and then find a way to force the Yin Qi out.
But it’s floating in the air, and I can’t reach it! It would be great if we had Fatty’s shotgun at this time. We were fully prepared before coming to Song Baoyu’s house this time. The fat man asked the old man for advice and stuffed some blessed wood chips into the shotgun bullets. Mixing these wood chips with gunpowder would weaken the power of the bullets, but it would make these bullets lethal to ghosts. He also asked Senior Han for a few talismans and stuck them on the shotgun, indirectly blessing the shotgun.
“Fat man!”
I shouted, but obviously no one could answer my call for support now. The yin energy in the sky was getting closer and closer to me. The two venomous snakes kept getting closer to me. I frowned. If I turned around and ran away with all my strength, I might run away, but then I wouldn’t be able to enter the house again. We have to think of a way!
But the kid in front of me had no intention of letting me go at all. At this moment, it suddenly roared and rushed towards me. I thought it couldn’t suppress its impulse and was ready to take the initiative.
But in the end, it passed over my head, and then two venomous snake-like Yin Qi actually waved in his hand. It turned out that this guy had this idea, and wanted to bring the Yin Qi closer to me.
I hurriedly retreated, but I didn’t expect that the moment I moved, my supporting foot couldn’t hold on, and then I fell down and fell to the ground.
The scary kid made a sharp turn in the air, turned around and pounced on me again. At the critical moment, a gunshot sounded. The bullet accurately hit the little ghost flying in the air, and the blessed evil-proofing power caused huge damage to the little ghost.
The little thing fell from the air without any choice, and then a second gunshot rang out. The bullet penetrated the kid’s head, completely killing the scheming ghost.
“Fat man!”
I looked up and shouted. At this moment, even if you don’t look, you know that the shooter must be the fat man. When he raised his head and looked up, he saw the fat man standing by the window, looking over with a gun, and smiled and said: “My daughter told me that you are in danger, hold me.” I arrived at the window sill. Fortunately, I arrived in time. Are you okay?
“Do you have any Motan Cult coins?”
I asked.
The fat man t