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stood and nodded. road.

stood and nodded. road.
At this time, I turned to look at the old lady in the back seat and asked: “Where exactly is the place where the demonic rituals are held?”
“Yuehu Town, I will show you the way. It will take about two days to drive. Time.” After the old lady finished speaking, she closed her eyes and remained silent.
Seeing that everyone was a little bored, Xiao Wei inserted a tape into the card slot of the car, and soon melodious music came out.
“What song?” I leaned against the glass window and looked out, saying one after another. The weather outside was not very good, and a large gloomy cloud layer was pressing down. Through the glass, I could hear the strong wind outside, “Huh. “Hoo” blowing. Looking out the window is the endless plains of Texas.
“Go home, Wang Jie’s song.”
“Oh, it’s an old song. It’s from the 1990s.” Xiao Wei mentioned it and I remembered it. Said smoothly.
/“Brother Shan, do you miss home?” Xiao Wei suddenly asked.
I lit a cigarette and looked into the distance outside the window, smiled and said, “I think so. I really want to.”
After driving for a long time, the two cars stopped at a roadside rest stop to refuel, and we happened to have something to eat. There was no one in the diner. After ordering something, I stood outside the restaurant, smoking a cigarette and thinking about how to implement the suspended animation plan. But at this moment, Agent Kenner walked up behind me and whispered: “I feel something is wrong.”
“Huh? What’s wrong?” I asked strangely.
“It feels like there are a lot of people around who are not normal. Did you see a few people standing over the gas tanks at the gas station? Did you notice their tattoos? The tattoos on their arms looked familiar. I went to check them later. They have the symbol of the Resurrection Day believers, a cross with a triangle in the center. It means God’s determination in the three-dimensional world.”
“Oh?” I asked in slight surprise.
“It’s definitely true.”
“Let’s go in and discuss with the old lady first. First determine whether they are Easter Day people or people who simply worship Easter Day and got this tattoo on their bodies.”
When we walked back to the restaurant, we When I mentioned this to the other three people, they immediately became serious.
“You guys sit here. I’m going to test it out.” The old lady actually stood up. Seeing that we were not at ease, she said with relief. “Don’t worry, except for the killers who received the order, the average grassroots believers don’t know about my betrayal. Because if the fact that I stole the holy relics is revealed, it will shake the belief in the Resurrection Day.
” After saying this, my wife walked out of the restaurant. I felt a little worried, so I quietly followed her to take care of her. Then I saw the old lady walking up to the guys with tattoos. Then he rolled up his sleeves, revealing a tattoo on his arm that was the same as theirs. The two sides immediately started talking.
After talking for only a few minutes, the old lady came back.