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to move. A large number of demon spirits were continuously absorbed and rolled up, pouring into the black hole like running water.

to move. A large number of demon spirits were continuously absorbed and rolled up, pouring into the black hole like running water.
Suddenly, a huge dark green figure slowly emerged from the void demon spirit camp in the distance.
/It was a strong man wearing an iron helmet and black armor.
Several more figures emerged from beside the big man.
One is a two-headed scorpion with a long tail, and the other is a wild-haired weirdo with an extremely long neck.
There is another one who is not humanoid, but a standing leopard, with just a few more tails than the average leopard.
“It was the Sun-Photographing Lord of Bihu Mountain who took action himself.”
There was a hint of solemnity in Hua Bao’s voice.
“Why did he come here if he didn’t guard his Nether World?”
the two-headed scorpion said coldly.
“I’ll go meet him!”
“Be careful, Sun-Photographer Lord is said to have special means that can hurt the soul.”
The long-necked weirdo reminded.
“Looks like he just got promoted. He’s just a guy who didn’t even hold up the stars. Hey!”
The two-headed scorpion sneered, and his figure suddenly turned into a black line and flew into the void where Lin Xin was in the distance.
“I didn’t touch him before because I was afraid of provoking the Star Sect, but now, it doesn’t matter anymore.” Hua Bao said lightly, “Everyone, please try to mobilize all the incarnations nearby and deal with this person first. He is too crazy. “You dare to run into the middle of the battlefield with
just one avatar?” “What if it’s a trap?”
the long-necked man frowned.
“It’s okay to trap, let’s go.” Hua Bao didn’t care.
The other Spiritual Shura Kings nodded slightly and suddenly turned into black lines, flying towards Lin Xin on the void battlefield.
At the same time, with Lin Xin as the center, densely packed spots of Yuanling Holy Light began to appear in the surrounding void.
Waves of tyrannical auras continued to pour out, some were obscure, some were arrogant, some were bloody, and some were deep and majestic.
The Spiritual Asura King does not have a clone, but after taking refuge with the Lord of the Heavenly Demon Army, the Spiritual Asura King who was granted the title, such as the Soul Sect monks, the remnants of the Shadow City, and some casual cultivator demon lords, will also have clones.
And the few people who appear here are demon clan demon lords who have taken refuge from other places.
They also have various star power clones that have been accumulated for countless years.
As soon as they were summoned at this time, the surrounding Yuanling Holy Light suddenly shone, overwhelming the Tianmeng Dao soldiers who had just gained some advantages, and collapsed in panic.
The two-headed scorpion flew within a hundred miles away from Lin Xin in one breath.
Feeling the traction of the violent and huge tornado, his expression suddenly changed.
/“This guy is a seeker! You’re welcome, get on shoulder to shoulder!!”
He yelled at the other demon lord clones around him, flicked his tail, and the