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ne can prove the original conjecture.

ne can prove the original conjecture.
Now, Lin Yun has this opportunity,
because Lin Yun is already certain that the ability he possesses is most likely the undead natural enemy ability that Charles the Conqueror once possessed.
No wonder I didn’t feel anything at the time. This is because the natural enemy of the undead and the undead contract are different. The undead contract is an active ability, while the natural enemy of the undead is a passive ability.
In other words, as long as you stand there, the ability of the natural enemy of the undead will always exist. This ability will not bring any changes to the body.
As for why he has this ability, Lin Yun can now more or less guess.
Didn’t the unlucky master say,
“Every choice you make in the illusion may affect your final harvest.”
Lin Yun was worried at the time that he was casting spells from beginning to end in the illusion, from beginning to end. We were fighting until the end, without making any choices at all. So in the end, will we get nothing because of this?
Now Lin Yun understands that
constantly casting spells and fighting are actually also a choice.
This is indeed a bit of a surprise.
In Lin Yun’s view, the ability of the undead natural enemies is even better than Sandro’s Immortal Contract.
Because the Immortal Contract is only for necromancers, for Lin Yun, who is not a necromancer, even if he obtains the ability of the Immortal Contract, it is just more summoned creatures. Without the enhancement of necromancy, the combat power of these summoned creatures is actually Not as powerful as imagined.
But this is not the case for the Natural Enemy of the Undead
. What’s more, there are still many secrets about the ability of the Natural Enemy of the Undead that have not been discovered. Those powerful mages in the peak era almost unanimously believed that the Natural Enemy of the Undead’s ability is not just for undead creatures. To say that there is no Lin Yun was the first one not to believe it.
Now, Lin Yun has a lot of time to try and see if the undead natural enemy ability is really what those powerful mages think, and it is not just for undead creatures.
In the subsequent battle, Lin Yun seemed to be more relaxed with the help of the undead natural enemy ability. What
Lin Yun had to do was to find the place with the most skeleton warriors, and use the most powerful and highest-level spells to bombard him indiscriminately. There was no need to worry about the skeletons at all. The warriors counterattack, because when they rush over, they will immediately feel the pressure of the undead natural enemy’s ability, and they will either turn around and run away, or they will stay in place.
This was a complete harvest.
Lin Yun calculated the time, and there was almost an hour left. When he was about to continue his efforts and harvest the skeleton warriors again, he suddenly found that he seemed to be unknowingly approaching again. That Netherworld iron ore vein.
/The last time he came to the Bone Plane was at night