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action directly

action directly
The convoy gradually moved away, passing by the woods next to Jingxuan Sect. It was calm and there seemed to be no disturbance.
But Lin Xin was able to see the great changes that had taken place here from the Red Ridge Sect members stationed nearby.
After driving for three days in a row, we finally detoured from Jingxuan Sect.
In front of it is the area under the jurisdiction of Jingxuan Sect, which was the forest land where their disciples were tested. Now that the sect has been destroyed, this place is probably deserted.
There was no one in the forest, and the convoy felt very scary as it moved slowly through it.
“How long is it until Naxi?”
Lin Xin asked Xiao Liu casually.
“Sir, I estimate there are still five days to go. As long as we get through it, we should be fine.” Xiao Liu replied in a low voice while observing his surroundings vigilantly.
The people in the team were quiet and silent, no one spoke loudly, as if they were afraid of alarming some ferocious beasts in the surrounding forest.
“Five days?” Lin Xin also had an idea.
By noon, the sky was gray and a little dark.
The team stopped to light a fire to cook and rest.
Lin Xin turned over and dismounted, ready to take out some dry food from the bag and nibble on it.
“Sir, this is for you.” Xiao Liu quickly brought a bowl of hot broth from the carriage in front. Mushrooms, ginger and chives were added to it. The smell made people want to eat.
Lin Xin took it.
“Thank you.”
/“Sir, he is a scholar. He is sick and weak. If he eats poorly, he may not be able to walk. You should be more careful with your health.” Xiao Liu scratched his head and smiled.
After taking a sip of the broth, Lin Xin smiled.
“I know, I know, don’t worry, I’ll be a good doctor after a long illness, I’ll pay attention.”
“Okay, I’m going to eat something first.” Xiao Liu also nodded.
“Go, go.”
Xiao Liuzi saw him slowly drinking the broth, then turned around and headed towards the carriage.
Lin Xin watched him chatting and laughing with several teammates. He seemed to be the target of bullying among the team members. He always had a naive expression on his face. Can’t help but shake his head slightly.
During the journey these days, Xiaoliu had been taking great care of him, and he actually saw it all. The little guy has great respect for those who have read books. When he hears who has attended a private school, he has a look of awe in his eyes. In such troubled times, there are only a few people who can receive education. If many people have never traveled far away, they will be simple all their lives, without any scheming or complicated thoughts.
Without thinking too much, Lin Xin shook off his inexplicable thoughts and saw the girl leading the team in front of him turning around and walking towards him.
The girl changed her clothes, wearing a white fur coat on her upper body, tight gray and black pantyhose on her lower body, and two fishskin daggers on her thighs. Her curves were round and well-proportioned. At a glan