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king. This purest elemental power, no matter how powerful it is, cannot harm the elemental elf king.

king. This purest elemental power, no matter how powerful it is, cannot harm the elemental elf king.
This is the only exception. For the rest, if you want to survive in the elemental storm, the only way to go is to resist.
/The ability of elemental incarnation will be called the most powerful spell that all mages must learn in the future. It is not unreasonable. When the most common spells such as flame elemental incarnation are understood to the extreme, this incarnation spell without levels will be It advanced into an extreme spell, which was just a hidden extreme spell, the incarnation of the Demon Flame Elf King.
The incarnations of the four series of elements have understood it to the extreme, and then they have understood the rules of the four series at the same time. Only by laying the foundation of the rules with the rules of the four series can it be possible to display the incarnation of the Elemental Elf King.
/This is the most powerful existence in the incarnation spell. Many special materials are only possible in those huge elemental storms in the void. There are no products in the elemental plane. If you want to enter the elemental storm, the elemental elf king incarnates. , is the first necessary condition.
Lin Yun now releases the incarnation of the Elemental Elf King. Although the consumption is still very high, it is no longer like at the beginning. The magic power will be exhausted in three seconds at most, and the magic power is replenished every ten minutes, and he can barely survive here.
After continuing to fly forward for more than a thousand kilometers, this place has completely turned into an area comparable to a chaotic elemental storm. There is no difference between the sky and the earth. The gravity is distorted. The gravity in some places has become very strong. The gravity everywhere The direction was reversed. If the gravity of this world were not several times greater than that of Northrend, the sense of direction would have been completely lost.
“Sir, I beg you, don’t go any further. You will die. You will really die. The clan leader said that you cannot approach many places. Whoever gets close will die, and so will the clan leader. Death, if we get closer, we will really die.”
The little fat man screamed at the top of his lungs, his chubby smiling face already deformed by fear.
Lin Yun frowned, slapped the little fat man’s body, and slapped his body into a twisted shape. After Lin Yun let go, his body returned to its original shape, but the screams sounded again. .
“Shut up, keep screaming. If you attract something, we will all die.”
Lin Yun had a dark face, and he regretted bringing the little fat man with him. This little fat man is a native of this place. Yes, he is right here. He knew a lot of things very well, but this guy was too timid. He was just a kid who had never left home. He knew a lot of things, but he had never experienced it.
The first time I went out, I was almost killed, my tail was cut off, and I was scared to death. Only then did I realize