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ng using the ‘Emperor-Level Heritage Pattern’.

At least the power of faith of the ‘Emperor-Level Pattern’ has little benefit to the demigod Arthur himself. This makes it impossible for the ‘Mother Queen’ to judge how seriously the demigod Arthur attaches importance to the Zerg’s need for stability.
Therefore, the ‘Mother Queen’ considered that as long as the demigod Arthur did not make any excessive demands and could maintain the peace of the Zerg, then it would accept it.
As for the demigod Arthur, he did not propose that all gods should have the power that a god in the Zerg world should have, but only asked for nine Zerg gods. This is already a major concession.
“Demigod Arthur, I will redistribute the Zerg world into fifteen territories as soon as possible. Your Zerg gods occupy nine territories. All Zerg in the territory are controlled by nine Zerg gods. In this matter, I Can help with coordination!
The same goes for the income from the battle stars, which are divided into fifteen parts, and you occupy nine parts. These are all written into the contract! “The ‘Mother Queen’ said without raising any objection to David’s suggestion.
“Okay, I hope we can live in peace in the future!” David smiled and nodded.
The ‘Mother Queen’ felt ecstatic in her heart. She suppressed her emotions and used her spirit to connect with the five Zerg gods and ask them for their opinions.
Naturally, the five Zerg gods had no objections. Demigod Arthur’s proposal was not excessive in the first place, and raising any further objections might have the opposite effect.
After receiving the support of five Zerg gods, the ‘Mother Queen’ drafted a contract. The materials used in this contract were god-level materials, and even the ink used was divine blood.
/“Demigod Arthur, please take a look at the contents of the contract!” the ‘Mother Queen’ said as she sent the mentally drawn contract to David.
David took the contract, which recorded the two points he just raised, and clarified that the ‘Mother Queen’ should do her best to help the nine Zerg gods who control the territory.
In fact, David has no idea of ??occupying the Zerg world. If it weren’t for the role of the ‘Emperor-Level Heritage Pattern’, he wouldn’t want to build a training planet in the Zerg world.
If you want to completely control the Zerg, you can only control the “Mother Queen”. The “Mother Queen” can directly command all the Zerg. In a sense, the “Mother Queen” is the real controller of the Zerg.
David is also not interested in trying to control the ‘Mother Queen’. If something goes wrong and the ‘Mother Queen’ falls, the Zerg world will probably lose control. This is a result that David cannot accept.
Therefore, David does not need to control the ‘Mother Queen’. He only needs the ‘Mother Queen’ to continue to manage the Zerg. Anyway, as long as this contract is signed, the ‘Mother Queen’ must abide by the contract and work hard to manage the Zerg.
“I agree to this contract!” David carefully checked the contents of the contract and asked the black dragon Alexis