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altar filled with monster skulls in an instant, and hit the heavy iron-black coffin.

Silently, the light arrow dimmed and disappeared, failing to produce any effect.
No, the area around the altar is getting darker and more silent.
Inside the iron-black coffin, a voice with the sound of bones rubbing sounded:
“Why, why do you want to disturb my sleep?”
Hearing such words, Waite’s heart suddenly became a little heavier, because the malice was undisguised, because it meant that the former chief might have turned into a monster.
Silver City’s search for a way out failed again.
With a bang, the coffin lid flew up and fell apart, and a large black mist filled the air from below.
In this scene, Waite saw a figure slowly standing up in the coffin. He was nearly four meters tall, with slender arms and legs. His body was covered with white feathers stained with light butter, and there seemed to be illusory black thin tubes connected behind his back. To infinity.
Behind the three “Six-person Council” elders, the dark river rippled with huge waves, and all kinds of arms, tentacles, and vines poured out.
At this time, Waite saw the chief’s body changing rapidly, and saw that the clothes he was wearing were torn inch by inch by the swelling muscles.
In the blink of an eye, Colin Iliad turned into a four-meter-tall “giant” with green and black knots on his body. Every inch of skin, every pore, and every piece of flesh seemed to go against the normal rules of human beings. The senses are combined in special forms, containing unimaginable impact.
This is no longer a plane or three-dimensional thing that can be described. It is like that in addition to length, width, and height, there are additional measurement measures such as information, power, and spirituality. They are presented intuitively, seemingly condensed into mysterious and complex patterns, symbols, and logos. , there is no actual change. The former is just a partial impression obtained by human beings due to their own insufficient sensory conditions. But even so, when facing similar creatures, human beings who do not possess divinity will still be spiritually polluted and spiritually destroyed. When the brain is impacted, sudden death or complete madness are not uncommon results.
Because of this, this creature is known in occult circles as:
mythical creatures
However, there was no obvious change in Colin Iliad’s head at this time. It just swelled a lot, and a dark gap like a vertical eye appeared in the area from forehead to nose.
/Before Sequence 2, the mythical creature form of a demigod is incomplete.
For a strong person at this level, showing similar forms has very obvious advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, this can bring about a great improvement in one’s own strength and level. On the other hand, it will also give a strong bonus. The madness and out-of-control tendencies pose a great challenge to the sanity and are difficult to control for those who are not extremely determined.
Therefore, most saints, unless they are forced into a des