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f conflict is inevitable. Even if there are no ancestral grudges, it is difficult for anyone to have a good impression of a group of people who ask for money, food, and materials every day without seeing anything in return.

A small episode, for the king who has many things to do, it is not worth mentioning at all.
/A group of small nobles asking for help is not a big deal to a group of princes and ministers.
Even if the families of these people asked someone to plead for mercy, it would not be enough for everyone to reject the king’s decision.
The most critical thing is the word “deal with it as appropriate”. There are so many answers that can be interpreted that it is impossible to find any fault at all.
If it was not handled well, it must be because the governor below did not understand the king’s meaning. It is definitely not because the great king failed to make arrangements.
“Your Majesty, what are the arrangements for the heroes who captured the Insect King?”
asked the Grand Duke of Newfoundland.
It can be seen that in the eyes of the prime minister, appeasing these meritorious ministers is more important than dealing with a group of small nobles asking for help.
After all, those who can capture the Insect King are the top masters in the kingdom, representing the highest combat effectiveness in the southern provinces.
“They are all the pillars of the country, and it is difficult for them to be tempted by worldly fame and fortune. Then open up some precious resources and let them exchange them freely!
If there are other requirements, they can be discussed as long as they are not too excessive. Let the governors in various places do a good job of communication and appeasement and avoid making jokes. ”
Caesar III said thoughtfully.
When dealing with strong people, all countries in the mainland always try to win over them. There is no one who dislikes the many masters in China.
/One or two masters may not mean anything to a kingdom. But when this number expands to dozens or even hundreds, it can affect the rise and fall of a country.
Especially for the Alpha Kingdom, which needs to compete with the orcs, the number of top experts is particularly important.
In all the wars, these people were able to play an important role in the war.
I have been busy and happy for more than half a month, and there are people and a bear in almost all the hardest-hit areas.
Bear Stearns suddenly became the richest bear in the Aslant continent, which is still far from the unprecedented bear. The main reason is that the ancestor of the Earth Bear was so awesome that he once “mastered” artifacts to compete with giant dragons.
The value of the artifact is really difficult to measure, and it certainly cannot be bought with gold coins. Even if it’s a mountain territory, it still can’t match the value of the artifact.
Of course, evil weapons like the “Blood Moon Horn” don’t count. Because it had such a bad reputation and everyone was shouting about it, it could not be used publicly, resulting in a significant loss in value.