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all directly, he will be severely damaged.

At that time, a few gods only need to clean up the battlefield, and they can eliminate most of the god-level combat power of the Zerg god-level in one fell swoop, completely dismantling the threat to the Zerg world.
The power of ‘God’s Judgment’ is indeed very strong. Five Zerg gods were hit by the terrifying force. Half of their divine bodies were shattered by the huge force, and golden divine blood splashed.
At this time, the constraints of ‘God’s Judgment’ also disappeared.
All five Zerg gods were almost fatally injured. Just when the God of War, Knowledge, Earth and Wealth were about to finish, deal with these five Zerg gods and end this war.
Green light rose from the bodies of the five Zerg god-level gods. The life energy in the bodies of the five Zerg god-level gods was surging. In the package of green light, the severely injured god’s body was continuously nourished.
Although the divine body that had just been severely injured could not engage in a fierce battle for a short time, there was no problem in escaping.
The ‘Sky Fire Phantom Butterfly Emperor’ spewed out a ball of flames, and these flames turned into countless fire butterflies. The fiery red light spots on the fire butterflies scattered, instantly blocking the sight of the God of War and other gods.
The God of War rushed the fastest, rushing into the fire butterfly without any hesitation, and then felt his whole body tighten.
/After the illusion laid by the fire butterfly, there was a spider web released by the ‘Half Spider King’, and the God of War rushed into the spider web.
Normally, the God of War would not be so careless. The God of War also has judgment. Even if it is one against five, He has absolute confidence in dealing with five Zerg Gods who have not recovered from serious injuries.
The black dragon Alexis also arrived, and he sprayed out a breath. This breath was controlled extremely accurately. It did not hurt the God of War, but completely burned the spider web.
The golden book in the hands of the God of Knowledge behind him flipped, and countless golden arrows flew out, shooting towards the illusion covered by the fire butterfly.
The God of Earth waved the golden sickle in his hand, and golden boulders fell from the void, hitting the positions of the five previous Zerg gods.
The God of Wealth did not use any auxiliary abilities. He inspired golden needles and shot them in the direction of the five Zerg gods.
With a “boom”, a wall of ice was broken, and countless attacks continued to attack.
At this time, under so many attacks, the illusion set up by the ‘Sky Fire Phantom Butterfly Emperor’ also lost its effect.
Several gods saw that the ‘Electric Scorpion Emperor’, wrapped in electric light, and the other four Zerg gods appeared in front of the space door, and half of his body entered the space door.
The ‘Electric Scorpion King’ uses electric light to move short distances. Because of the faster speed and short distance, it is even faster than the speed of space movement.