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ing his reign.

To be precise, since the collapse of the Holy See’s rule on the mainland three hundred years ago, the finances have been unable to make ends meet.
Relying on the rich accumulation of foundation, the Holy See managed to survive. By the time of Pius VII, the family fortune left by the ancestors had been depleted.
On the one hand, it is necessary to expand its armaments and restore the glory of the Holy See; on the other hand, it is necessary to increase revenue and reduce expenditures to solve the financial dilemma of not being able to make ends meet. The life of the Holy See is not easy.
Ever since the Holy See expanded its armaments, relations with other countries on the mainland have become tense. Except for a group of small countries that are still controlled by the Holy See, the remaining major kingdoms are trying their best to prevent the Holy See from regaining its strength.
Countries do not have the ability to directly interfere in the decision-making of the Holy See. Most of the time, they start from the “money bag” to delay the recovery of the Holy See’s strength.
There is no doubt that the Holy See is not a soft persimmon. In the face of targeted attacks by various countries, violent retaliation has also been launched. Supporting cult organizations is one of the methods.
Destruction is secondary, and more importantly, it is to make money.
Under the tacit pressure of various countries, the Holy See is unable to obtain sufficient financial resources from legitimate channels and has to resort to deviant measures.
Like the potion of courage in Skull and Bones, it was produced in the Papal State. In name, the cult organization was plundering all directions, but in fact, most of the looted money flowed into the Papal State through secret transactions.
As long as you give enough, magic potions, alchemical products, and even evil weapons and demons can all be traded.
It can be said that in order to make money, the Holy See has reached the point of going crazy. Even so, it can only barely support the huge military expenditure.
When he heard that the budget had been reduced, Captain Blake was on the verge of tears. Although the Alpha Kingdom Chapter does not send much tax money, it can still support a cavalry regiment or five thousand-man infantry regiments.
/On the surface, this is far less than the benefits of supporting Skull and Bones. But the taxes are unsustainable, and the proceeds from robbery are often one-time.
According to past practice, as long as the taxes sent to the Holy See by various branches have dropped, they will never be restored. This means that the budget that the Judgment Knights have lost now will be difficult to get back in the future.
Just when he was about to defend himself, Blake calmed down because of the sinister looks in his colleagues’ eyes.
The problem now is not just a few taxes, the real trouble is the possible chain reaction. If other countries in mainland China follow suit, the financial pressure on the Holy See will be even greater.
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