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“This can also be promoted through corresponding potions and rituals.”
Alger, the Sequence 0 True God, the Hanged Man, was first stunned and shocked, and then silently muttered to himself with relief and joy:
“So that’s how it is”
“I see, I see what it means”
He took a breath quietly and leaned back in his chair, as if nothing had happened.
That secret must be shocking. Mr. “The Hanged Man” was a little bit out of his mind. “Justice” Audrey looked away with nostalgia, looked at “The Sun” diagonally opposite and said:
“Mr. Sun, I remember you said that Silver City has Sequence 9, Sequence 8 and Sequence 7 potion formulas for the Dragon Path.”
“Yes.” Derrick “The Sun” nodded honestly, “The name of the Sequence 7 potion is Psychoanalyst.”
/“If I want to get it, what price do I need to pay?” Audrey asked reservedly.
“The Sequence 7 potion formula of the Sun Pathway.” Derrick answered without thinking.
“Justice” Audrey nodded gently and said:
“I’ll collect as much as I can.”
Well, Xiu and Forsi mentioned that in Mr. A’s party, there was an Beyonder of the “Sun” path, at least Sequence 7, who was good at purification and exorcism. After the recent incident has passed, you can try to start from here. Also, participate more. At that party in the abandoned teaching building of the medical school, she tried to contact the members of the Psychological Alchemy Society. Walking on two legs must be more stable than one leg. The thoughts flashed through Audrey’s mind, but she suddenly realized that even if she had clues to the formula, I can’t take it myself.
Because she has been in financial crisis these past few months, she can only barely support herself.
The value of the Sequence 7 formula is about 800 pounds. You can still get it together by scraping together. Well, it is already October, and the New Year is coming soon. I will officially be an adult by then, and I will have a lot more wealth at my disposal. Or, use Audrey’s thoughts gradually spread out in exchange for the knowledge taught by Mr. Fool. She didn’t know what his attitude was towards this kind of behavior.
She decided to wait until there was hope for the formula before asking Mr. Fool.
This is the end of the transaction. Klein originally wanted to exchange the knowledge he had for a magical item with little hidden dangers, but after noticing the pain of “The Hanged Man”, he knew that the other party would pay a high price for those two extraordinary materials. , it is estimated that there will be nothing extra left, so I can only regret giving it up.
As soon as the free exchange session began, “The Hanged Man” Alger proactively mentioned:
“Hurricane Lieutenant-General Qilingos’s fleet was conquered, and a new pirate general was born.”
“Justice” Audrey was very interested in the pirate general’s affairs and asked cooperatively:
“What is his name and what is his current title? There is no similar news circulating yet.
“The Hanged Man” Alger nodded slowly and said:
“She is a lady. She was a famous pirate in the past. You should have hear