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e script, but he was very happy to watch it, laughing almost the whole time.

After watching the movie.
/Yi Chenggong calmed down for a moment, then looked back at Lin Yuan: “The film has been submitted for review. There is probably no issue with the scale. Next, we have to consider the release. Representative Lin, are you going to talk to the film department?”
Lin Yuan nodded.
He has read countless film and television books, and now he is considered someone who understands the market, so he knows that if a movie wants to be released, it must first obtain a license from the theater. It is difficult for Lin Yuan to do this alone. It will only take a star to show up.
This is not difficult to do.
Since Xing Mang agreed to finance the filming of “Tang Bo Hu Spots the Fragrance of Autumn”, he could not ignore the production schedule of the finished movie. He would always help win the theaters. Lin Yuan himself did not have the connections with the major theaters of Blue Star.
/Cinema lines belong to theater lines.
A company is a company.
If Xingmang’s movies want to be released in theaters, they have to negotiate with the theaters. They may arrange movie screenings and the like to let people in the theaters take a look at the quality of the movie. This is the basis for the theaters to schedule the films. Of course, Star The weight of the film itself will also be taken into consideration by the cinema.
Just imagine
If Lin Yuan was fighting alone, without the support of a big company, how difficult would it be to negotiate with theaters for a movie with an investment of less than 10 million?
It’s as difficult as climbing to the sky!
Not to mention whether people will like “Tang Bohu Spots Autumn Fragrance”, even if they really appreciate this movie, the theaters will definitely propose a buyout or the like. A small individual has no negotiation in front of the theaters. equivalent qualifications.
Think of this.
Lin Yuan dialed Lao Zhou’s phone number. Most of the theater issues depended on Lao Zhou’s help.
Lin Yuan remembered that Lao Zhou was full of praise for the script of “Tang Bohu Spots Autumn Fragrance”!
“Are you ready to release it?”
Everyone was at the company. After receiving Lin Yuan’s call, the two met in the film department.
Facing Lin Yuan who was full of expectations, Lao Zhou felt a little headache. He pondered while thinking about his words: “Your movie will definitely be released when it is released.”
Lin Yuan felt that there must be a twist in this statement.
It was just as Lin Yuan expected.
As expected, Lao Zhou coughed: “But our company is currently busy preparing for the release of “Thunderstorm”, and July is the summer holiday, so the competition in the film market is very fierce.”
Lin Yuan frowned.
Of course he knew about the Thunderstorm project.
Unlike Earth.
Blue Star’s film industry is undoubtedly more developed, and it is not a problem for various special effects technologies to overwhelm Hollywood on earth.
This means an exaggerated increase in the spee