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more impossible to drop it. We can only delay it and hurt it as much as possible. It is best to seriously injure it until Rocky retreats. During this period, we need your strength.”

Pei Jiao had many questions in his heart that he wanted to say, but at the moment he couldn’t pronounce them, so he could only blink his eyes to express his understanding, while Valosti seemed to know what Pei Jiao wanted to ask, so he remained silent. After a moment, he suddenly said: “Don’t worry, after this battle, I will tell you everything I know, including the soul army plan, the true demon-level mass production plan, and Rocky’s original fallen and civilized natural weapon. I will tell you everything.”
“Civilized natural weapon? What is that?” Gong Yeyu, who was paralyzed on the ground without any image next to him, suddenly said: “I said Varosti, are you too cunning? When I came to rescue you before, you said what you promised. Tell me everything, aren’t you hiding something secret again? Come on, tell me, what exactly is that natural weapon of civilization?”
/Valosti smiled bitterly and said: “These things are quite complicated. I don’t know how long it will take to explain them, so let’s resolve the battle in front of you first. You should also recover your energy as soon as possible. You will be able to do it in a while.” The main force.”
Gong Yeyu didn’t ask any more questions. Instead, he closed his eyes and silently adjusted his breath. Valosti murmured next to him: “World Snake, this is the Atlantis civilization relying on the soul plan to At the end of the last civilization, one of the three demon kings and monsters was captured. It is a myth and legend in our civilization. In Nordic mythology, this is a giant snake that surrounds the entire world. It bites its own tail in its own mouth and circles the entire earth exactly once. In fact, this myth that has been passed down is to describe the ability and characteristics of this world snake. It can control gravity.”
“The three demon king-level peak ghosts of Atlandis civilization are the World Serpent, which is called the Osiris sky dragon by Atlandis civilization, who controls gravity, and the ancestor of giants, who is called by Atlandis civilization. As the Titan Soldier of Oberis, who controls space, and the Immortal Firebird, called the Sun God-Winged Dragon by the Atlantis civilization, who controls energy, these three demon king-level peak ghosts are the most powerful monsters even when the end of the world comes. At that time, it was also the most sophisticated and powerful first-level ghost. Even with the super-powerful technology of the Atlantis civilization, it took the entire family to capture and transform it.”
/“From the information I have seen, the three major ghosts are almost immortal due to their strength. Even though the Atlantis civilization was destroyed in the apocalypse, the three major ghosts are still alive. They have left a mark of obsession, and as long as they are filled with energy, sin, and obsession, they can be resurrected. Of course, i