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mmediately poured his burning obsession into the violent ax one by one. Sure enough, this was the case. The obsession of a free soul Thoughts are equivalent to the physical body and cannot be transferred easily. However, when burning one’s own obsessions, one can put the burning obsessions into natural weapons. This is also the prerequisite for “liberation”!

(But this should be what they call refining natural weapons, right? Not only can you put natural weapons into your own eyes, but you can also increase the degree of compatibility when using them. However, the process of refining natural weapons is different from “liberating” natural weapons. The process of making weapons is all about burning obsession, the difference needs to be carefully considered)
Pei Jiao closed his eyes and carefully felt the process of putting his burning obsession into the violent flame ax. At the same time, he also firmly remembered the shape, size and other information of the runes in the violent flame ax. His obsession increased, and if conditions allowed, he also planned to copy this symbol in his body to see if it had any special effects.
These are all things to be done in the future. At this moment, Pei Jiao has only one goal, which is to refine this violent axe, complete its runes, and completely integrate the violent and gloomy obsession!
While burning his own obsession, Pei Jiao carefully evaluated the capacity of his own obsession. Once he reached fifty-one, even if the giant ax of violent flames had not been refined, he planned to stop completely until he had the obsession. After thinking about food, completely make up for the defects in your own obsession before refining it.
In this way, one burning obsession after another was invested in the violent axe. A large part of the burning obsession was dissipated in the process of entering. The obsession with natural weapons was like a liquid with a strange obstruction. The power can consume most of the burning obsession, and the remaining burning obsession can be integrated into the already existing Pei Jiao obsession.
/Until Pei Jiao had invested nearly four obsessions, reaching the final standard of fifty-one obsessions he had set for himself, the obsessions in the violent ax actually emitted a golden light with lightning, and then Slowly fused into a ball, with brilliant golden light, like a pill. Then this ball of golden obsession decomposed and merged again, transforming into a flawless golden rune, which was exactly the same as the strange rune Pei Jiao had seen before. Match!
Then a powerful force hit, and the pure angry will condensed to the point of substance burst out, completely suppressing Pei Jiao’s view of the giant flaming ax. When Pei Jiao came back to his senses, the huge flaming ax in front of him was The ax once again burst into brilliant golden light, and at the same time, the giant ax continued to transform. Not long after, the true demon-level bull head that had been seen in the soul headquarters appeared in the room again.
It’s just that this true demon