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ar he left in the statue has long been integrated with the statue. He has made settings for the statue before, and when an application for divine magic appears, it will automatically agree to the application.

David didn’t have many sacrifices, so he didn’t need too strict review. Besides, the power of faith consumed by a fifth-level priest to perform divine magic was insignificant to him.
David and Kulich, the fifth-level priests, stood in front of a temple. The appearance of this temple showed that it was extremely ancient.
“Blasphemers, you dare to come to the temple, you are seeking death!” A roar came from the temple, the sound was like a thunderstorm.
The voice swept across David and the fifth-level priest Coolidge like thunder. David frowned slightly. He had attacked temples before, but those temples were all temples that had lost their gods.
This time he came here just to know the reaction of approaching the temple, which would be a reference for him in dealing with the five major temples.
As soon as they arrived at the temple, the divine thoughts in the temple discovered them and carried out the divine surrender first.
Of course, the ‘God of Storms’ had to descend first. When he descended on Tije Island before, he performed the descending in front of David. As a result, before the descending was completed, David used the artifact ‘Chain of Death’ to kill him. solved.
/This time, after the ‘God of Storms’ discovered David’s invasion through the Temple of Storms, he began to mobilize the power of faith in the small world and pour it into the temple.
There is nothing that can be done about this. With the power of faith in the Temple of Storms, if the ‘God of Storms’ wants to descend, it will not be able to form a strong strength due to insufficient power of faith.
The number of believers is really too small, so small that the power of faith can barely keep the Temple of Storms operating at a minimum.
When David came to the Temple of Storms, the ‘God of Storms’ had just completed the divine descent. Through the divine thoughts in the statue of the Storm Temple, combined with the power of faith transferred from the small world, he gathered into a god composed of pure divine power. body.
David ignored the sounds coming from the temple. The defensive power of the fifth-level priest Coolidge’s ‘Piety Shield Magic’ was not weak. David blocked most of the sound power, and the rest was blocked by the ‘Piety Shield God’. Shu’ blocked it.
“You retreat over there!” David pointed behind him and ordered the fifth-level priest Coolidge.
“Yes, my lord!” The fifth-level priest Kulic glanced at the Temple of Storms with some fear. He was instinctively afraid of the ‘God of Storms’. After hearing David’s instructions, he quickly bowed and responded.
“Go and protect Priest Kulich!” David said to him again.
A holy figure appeared, it was the clone of the demigod ‘Holy Spirit Knight’ hidden in the shadow. He did not speak. Without the injection of David’s mind, he was like a fighting puppet.
The fifth-level priest Ku