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elements are clearly visible. They are the Qinglong True Wind, which represents time, the Black Tortoise True Ice, which represents space, the Suzaku True Fire, which represents energy, and the White Tiger True Gold, which represents matter. This is The state of the four images”

“The entropy of the entire universe has been increasing since the moment of its birth. The entire universe is a process from order to chaos. Chaos turns into two rituals, two rituals turn into four phenomena, four symbols turn into five elements, and five elements turn into Bagua. This is the inevitable trend of the universe and an irreversible natural phenomenon.”
“The definition of cultivation is to use knowledge, equipment, and energy to enhance one’s understanding of the reality of the universe, and to perform a de facto anti-entropy reversal. In other words, it is a reverse derivation of the Eight Diagrams to the Five Elements. The process of deducing the Five Elements to the Four Symbols and the Four Symbols to the Two Instruments.”
Everything that Zhu Jiuyin muttered made Xi He, who was not far away, look more and more ugly. The woman who turned into a fire phoenix almost roared: “Stop reading! This is Donghuang’s theft.” I entered the cultivation knowledge learned from human beings, but His Majesty the Eastern Emperor was besieged by conspirators and eventually fell. Moreover, this knowledge was supposed to be taught to us by His Majesty the Emperor. Stop reading it! I swear to death that I will never learn the so-called cultivation of humans! ”
“Didn’t you see it just now? The reincarnation of the Human Emperor in front of you, his total energy is actually not that strong, at least it has not reached the infinite level of the saint. All of this energy seems to come from the core of the moon, but facing the space He doesn’t even need to move to attack. This formation can automatically annihilate and block all attacks belonging to the four elements. This is the result of fully mastering the four-elements state, as well as the attacks of the five elements, Bagua Unless the attack continues forward and reaches the limit of destruction of the universe, only the attack of the Nine Palaces can hurt him, or it can be pushed backwards, and only the chaos or two instruments possessed by the very few high-level saints can hurt him. What a perfect force this is, this is the secret of the Human Emperor’s invincibility!”
“I want to live! I have to live no matter what! Even in this legendary Four Elephants and Five Elements Bagua array, I have to live! Only in this way can I seize the body of the Human Emperor and get this I want to live by peering into the power of the inner universe!”
/Zhu Jiuyin roared loudly, but he did not make any move. There was only a deep coldness and coldness in his long eyes, a madness that could almost abandon everything.
/Only Xi He, who was next to him, sneered and said: “Stop dreaming there. We have fallen into the Four Elephants and Five Elements Bagua array. Is it possible to escape now? It’s better to wa