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secret passage. Hel can freely enter and exit anywhere through the dimensional space.

The studio was very dark, and there were bursts of snoring that echoed in Hull’s ears. Klitman was actually sleeping.
Hull gently tapped the sleeping Klitman with his cane. The little old man finally opened his hazy eyes, but when he saw it was Hull, he quickly sat up.
“Lie down.” Hel waved his hand and said, “I’m just here to ask you a few things and I’ll be leaving soon.”
/“What do you want to ask?” Klitman asked while sitting on the edge of the bed while getting dressed.
“Any news from Harlan?” Hull asked.
Klitman raised his head. This was indeed a problem that he had not expected. In his opinion, the boss should have a lot of things to worry about at the moment, and it was not Harlan’s turn yet.
“Harlan came back a few days ago, and he withdrew 50,000 furri from me for activities,” Klitman said.
Hull frowned. Fifty thousand furri was equivalent to more than 200,000 crowns today: “Did he say how it went?” Hull asked patiently.
“No, he is the only one responsible for his affairs.”
Of course, Klitman could tell that the boss was very dissatisfied with the old liar. In fact, he had already advised the guy before, but unfortunately the guy just didn’t listen.
“How much money did he withdraw in total?” Hull asked.
“Including the check you gave him worth 200,000 at the beginning, and the fact that he asked me to reimburse the bill, the total amount is 520,000 kronor.” Klitman reported truthfully.
Hull nodded, this was still within the range he could bear: “You should be familiar with Harlan. Can you tell me whether this person is trustworthy?”
Hearing such a question, Klitman’s heart sank. When Harlan asked him for money, he had already foreseen that such a thing would happen.
What makes Klitman even more cautious is that Harlan is the person he proposed to recruit, and he will also have some responsibilities, but of course he will not take the risk of dragging himself into the water and speak for Harlan. Good words.
“If it were Harlan twenty years ago, I dare say he is absolutely reliable. I knew him at that time and knew that he was a very thoughtful person with good plans for the future, and he knew how to restrain himself, otherwise He had already been exposed.
“But this time, I found that he had completely changed. Maybe he had been in prison for too long. After he came out, he tried his best to enjoy it, as if he wanted to make up for all the things he had not enjoyed before.” Speaking of this, Keli Terman sighed helplessly.
Although Klitman didn’t say much, he made Hull understand a lot.
First of all, he was not optimistic about Harlan, and he also hinted at what the old liar was doing with the money, and also explained why he blindly recommended such a person in the first place.
Finally, there is a vague hint that Harlan has long lost hope for the future, this man can do anything.
“You are very familiar with people from all walks of life. If Harlan has to be given up, do you think there is anyone