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p to this point, so he had to admit that there might still be a market for heroes sometimes.

“It’s very difficult to arrest someone who doesn’t even know his true identity in Miscon, a city with millions of residents,” Martin said bluntly.
“Then what should we do? Let this guy move around?” An officer who had long disliked Martin said sarcastically.
Martin didn’t care at all, and he said to Marquis Dockman: “I believe that the higher-ups are not asking us to capture the Black Seraph. What they care about is that Miskan does not continue to mess up. What they care about is that the immigration plan can proceed smoothly.
/“So, instead of jumping all over the place for a Black Seraph, we should be steady and steady and plan every step of what we are going to do next.”
/“Tell me what you think.”
The Marquis nodded, he also thought of this.
“Have you noticed that the report from Miscon did not mention how many innocent civilians were accidentally injured?” Second Lieutenant Martin said.
“That’s of course. It’s impossible for the Black Seraph to kill his compatriots indiscriminately. I believe that even if there are accidental injuries, it will most likely be done by the army and police.” Another person said.
“So instead of enforcing the law and clearing the road so that the Black Seraph can have a stage to perform, it is better to let pedestrians mix so that many of his methods cannot be used,” Martin said.
“If this is the case, Miscon will definitely be filled with black seraphs. After these people shout a few slogans, they can immediately disappear into the crowd.” Not many people agreed with Martin’s suggestion, so some people immediately refuted it. road.
“It’s very easy to deal with this trick. Just ask the police officers to take off their uniforms and blend into the crowd. If someone wants to impersonate the Black Seraph, it will be easy to be discovered dressed like this.
“As long as there are plainclothes policemen in the crowd, it should be quite easy to arrest that person, and there are many plainclothes policemen in the crowd, so I think the Black Seraph will be more cautious.
“However, compared with constant vigilance, what is more effective is to strictly control the city. It is necessary to conduct a census immediately. We should strictly control foreigners, homeless people, houses that have been vacant for a long time, and properties whose owners are unknown. Sign up,” Martin said.
“This will only make the Yafa people more violent.”
This time, there were no longer just one or two objections. Even Marquis Dockman did not believe that this could be successful.
Martin calmly waited for everyone to calm down before explaining: “I propose to carry out this series of work step by step. First, we need to conduct a population survey, and then divide Misconn into several areas.
“The first is the administrative district. We can move all the main administrative departments of Miscon to this district and implement strict control. This can protect the safety of national civil servants and their familie