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Her beauty, both in temperament and appearance, is one of a kind.

In the front position, there is a long table covered with a red velvet carpet. There are more than a dozen trays on the table. There is a brocade mat on each tray, and the auction items are placed in the center of the brocade mat.
There are magnifying glasses and jewelry mirrors placed next to the tray. At this moment, there are auctioneers standing in front of the long table, wearing jewelry glasses and holding magnifying glasses to observe the auction items. It can be seen from their eyes that these people are real experts.
Hull’s attention was suddenly deeply attracted by one of the things. It was it that caused his heart palpitations, and it was it that led him here. Hull walked forward slowly.
It is not easy for a small thing like a ring to make people feel scary, but the ring in front of me did it.
What is set in this ring is not a common gemstone, but a colorful, thumb-sized stone. This strange stone is smooth and smooth, covered with vertical and horizontal twisted stripes, and large and small cloud spots. The markings include five colors: purple, green, gray, orange, and orange. So many colors put together not only have no aesthetic feeling, but also make people feel inexplicably disgusting.
But what is even more disgusting is the ring part of this ring, which is eight extremely thin hard metal wires. These bent black metal filaments, paired with the colorful stone, are easy to see at a glance It’s reminiscent of a spider, but it’s also a highly venomous one.
/It was indeed this ring that gave him palpitations. Hel put the ridiculous-looking jewelry mirror on his left eye and observed it carefully.
What made him feel strange was that there were no traces related to magic on the ring. There was not a single incantation on either the surface of the ring or the slender ring.
Is the magic circle inside that weird mosaic stone? Hel thought to himself.
Just when Hull was about to pick up the ring and observe the connection part, a hand suddenly stretched out from beside him and took the strange ring first.
Hull was slightly startled. He took off his jewelry mirror and turned around to see a pale middle-aged man with long hair holding the ring in his hand and looking at it carefully.
/This man’s expression looked extremely solemn, which proved that the action just now was not directed at him, but that he really saw something special in this ring.
Hull couldn’t help but pay more and more attention to this middle-aged man. Suddenly, his eyes were fixed on the middle-aged man’s fingers. The middle-aged man’s hands were slender and pale. He wore a ring on his ring finger. It looked exactly like the one he was wearing at the moment. The only difference was that the middle-aged man’s ring had a ruby ??the size of a rice grain set in the center.
Blood feud brotherhood! Hull was slightly shocked. When he gave him the ring, Lida’s father had mentioned the brotherhood’s charter and matters that needed attention.
Although the Brotherhood has many b