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natural, but Surunaba could never have imagined that it was his arrangement today that would make it impossible for the news of someone escaping from Jinghai City to reach him in the near future.

And the more than a thousand grandmasters present at this moment also took his order as a matter of course.
Countless materials were thrown into the furnace. These materials were all processed and forged, and bursts of electric light flashed from top to bottom.
Hull put his hand on a golden disk in front of the seat, and in an instant his consciousness penetrated into the furnace. The function of this furnace is similar to that of a work space, which can allow more than a thousand masters and masters present to Great masters work together.
The furnace seemed a bit noisy at the moment. Apart from him, other people’s consciousnesses were also there, and everyone was looking around.
Suddenly, an extremely strange realm enveloped all those materials.
Everything is gradually decomposing, and the speed is very slow. However, after decomposition, the materials do not fly away or mix with other materials, but turn into smoke of different colors floating in the air.
Hull was startled. This should be the domain of a dismantler, who could dismantle materials into countless particles. Even old man Wamen did not have this ability.
But he has already confirmed that there are only four great masters here, including Surunaba, and absolutely none of these four great masters is a pure dismantling master, and their field is not the field of dismantling skills.
Just when Hel was puzzled, two electric rays shot in from the upper and lower entrances.
/Almost instantly, Hull’s consciousness was ejected.
The hurricane that shrouded the city in the sky spun rapidly, and the arcs that originally flashed from time to time suddenly became dense and gradually connected into a thunder net. Countless electric arcs flew out from this sky-reaching thunder net, and these arcs gathered together to form a thunder pillar as thick as a giant tree.
In the furnace, all the lightning energy in the hurricane was gathered, and a dark purple thunder ball was gradually taking shape. Its power far exceeded the Yuanli pool in any city.
Like Hull, other people’s consciousnesses were also driven out.
Only then did the masters calm down.
Everyone present already knows the content of their tasks. Maybe a few days ago, they were all kept in the dark, but now they have a clear understanding of what they have to do and what they need to pay attention to.
The nine new masters have entered a state of spiritual resonance. Sulenaba also sat with his legs crossed, and his expression looked quite painful. That was the pain caused by the secret method inflicted on him. If you want to gain great power, of course you have to pay a price.
In an instant, Hel felt that his entire body was enveloped by a powerful realm. In the past, he had only experienced the same feeling with the Immortal King and Dozaron.
However, this time the realm is not as spooky and terrifying as th