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hat people in this world call those who fail to challenge the heavenly level.

It is not easy to become a fallen person. At least he knows that with the strength of Diana and him at the moment, it is still not enough to become a fallen person.
The Fallen are the losers who challenge the last step of the Heavenly Stage. These people have immortal bodies and are extremely powerful. Some have even mastered the law.
Unfortunately, they ultimately failed.
Hel knew that what the Immortal King feared most was death.
The reason for fear is because I don’t know why I fell.
No one has ever known this answer throughout the ages. The only thing that is known is that the fall has nothing to do with strength, so there are various speculations. Some people believe that the fall is because the divine body created is not strong enough, and some people believe that the fall is because of the law. Not enough understanding.
Now that he knew that the figures that appeared there were the tragic fallen, Hull began to count the number of these fallen people silently. Every time a fallen person appeared, he firmly remembered the characteristics of these fallen people.
Hull’s face gradually turned pale as he counted. He originally thought that there were dozens of fallen people, but he didn’t expect that the whole night had passed, and only five of them had repeatedly appeared.
He saw at least two to three thousand fallen people throughout the night, which was definitely far more than he originally expected.
Hull had to separate a consciousness clone to observe the changes of the fallen.
/He will never act rashly until he knows the specific number of fallen people.
Knowing that he had settled here, waves of guests came to visit.
Some of these customers came to us on their own, and most of them were representatives of a certain business firm or a certain trade union.
These people have great powers and have learned about his performance in professional level appraisals from various channels, so they came to see if there are any opportunities to join or cooperate.
Some other guests were sent by the old man from the management committee.
One of them was a man from the temple.
The clergy of this world and the clergy of the Holy See are completely different things. Charles the Conqueror was aloof from the Holy See. Especially in his later years, he strongly rejected the power of the Holy See. Therefore, among the people who built his mausoleum, there were absolutely no believers of the Holy See.
In addition, among the ancestors who entered this world, there were a large number of foreign races with various beliefs. Therefore, this world believed in the Pantheon Religion inherited from the Lima era.
The one who was sent was a priest who believed in Hephaestus, the god of craftsmen. Perhaps because the people of this world are originally descendants of a group of craftsmen, the god of craftsmen who ranked last in the Lima era is the most important god here.
What the priest brought to Hel was a holy symbol. This is actually a node o