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netrate space.” Hull said.

Without waiting for an answer, Hull accelerated and continued flying forward.
He flew dozens of kilometers away before he landed.
After coming out of the incorporeal state, Hel felt weak, and his body was even more skinny. No one could recognize him now.
It was as if he was seriously ill and he just wanted to find a place to lie down.
But at this moment, there was a violent shock from the distance, and a fight was already going on there.
It would be impossible not to help at this time.
/Since the phantom state was of no use, Hel simply flew back in the signature look of the Black Seraph.
Returning to the sea area where we were just now, we saw a commotion on the sea. Huge figures were tumbling and jumping everywhere, stirring up waves that reached the sky. From time to time, there were several howls. Some of the sounds were like horns, low and loud, and some were like bugles, sharp and loud.
There are also bursts of light and shadow under the water. The golden one must be the flash of the Holy Light Spear, and the white one can illuminate a large area of ??the sea. The only thing that makes the sea look brighter than the sun is the glare bomb.
There were still dots of golden light falling in the sky. Hel’s body was only stained with a few golden lights. He immediately felt that all the discomfort he had just felt disappeared. At this moment, his body was full of power.
Of course it was Yaqian who did this. Hel searched around and saw Yaqian flying among the clouds with a pair of wings spread out.
He quickly leaned over.
“Give me the strongest blessing.” Hel flew under the clouds and said.
Yaqian didn’t speak, but just started singing loudly. This was the sacred chant she had just learned.
A golden-red light beam shone on Hel’s body. At that moment, Hel summoned the Golden Demon King.
He knew that he had made the right bet. The strongest blessing could indeed give him the power to summon the Golden Demon King.
When the golden spider the size of a fist appeared in his hand, Hel quickly slapped it on his body. He would never give this disobedient monster a chance, otherwise this thing would definitely be out of his control.
Fusion is mandatory, even if the Golden Devil disobeys orders, he can still fuse.
With a series of crackling sounds, a giant wearing golden armor appeared in the sky. This was the fusion state of the Golden Demon King.
Although it is humanoid, it still has a few extra things. The weirdest thing is the eight slender spider legs on the back, which makes Hel look a bit ferocious.
The Golden Devil was originally a skinny spider, and after the fusion, he also looked skinny.
With a piercing scream, the giant-like golden devil jumped into the sea, and it also began to join the melee.
At this moment, Hull was in trouble. He was not the one deciding whether to advance or retreat.
Even in the fused state, the Golden Demon still refused to obey the control.
The only thing he can do is some auxiliary work, such as checking the surroundings to see if there is any