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they are using despicable means to burn down our city.

“Compatriots, our enemies are right in front of us now. Their backs have just been broken by us. Should we pursue the victory and bury them completely?”
/Nadara’s mobilization order was extremely inflammatory, and only she, an elf who had been in the human world for a long time, could say such a thing.
But it is undeniable that such mobilization orders are always very useful.
“Pursue victory!”
“Pursue victory!”
/As soon as he finished speaking, there were shouts below. Elves have always been considered the most elegant and peaceful creatures in the world, but at this moment, the elves are all excited.
As a bright bugle sound pierced the sky, all the shuttleworms flapped their wings together, and the buzzing sound was as deafening as thunder.
At the speed of the shuttle bug, it caught up with the Debreton expedition fleet that was about to escape in an instant.
Seeing that there was no hope of escape, the commander-in-chief of the fleet immediately issued an order to stop retreating and fight to the death. The battleships quickly set up a formation. The six battleships that had just been reinforced were parked at the rear of the fleet, and the aerial knights took off one after another.
Two densely packed squadrons of sky knights formed a crane-wing shape that was conducive to melee combat, while the warships on the sea were lined up in a row, and the sails of all warships were furled. The sailors on the deck were busy, moving one by one Two-meter-high cylinders were moved to both sides of the ship.
“One on the left and one on the right, go down and conduct reconnaissance.” Nadala ordered.
The elves are all magicians. They don’t need to shout loudly to give orders, just use magic. Similarly, everything they do at the moment is being watched by the elders hiding in the forbidden area a hundred kilometers away.
Although they are now Sky Knights, the elves are still arranged in the same formation as before. Surrounding the two wings are free cavalry, who are also the scouts of the regiment. One on the left and one on the right are the two strongest elves among the free cavalry on the left and right wings.
I saw them falling straight down, and when they were about to touch the sea, they suddenly changed direction and passed by the sea.
Falling straight from an altitude of two to three thousand meters, the speed can be imagined. The shuttleworm was originally a creature known for its speed, and now it is even faster. So for a moment, neither Debreton’s sky knights nor the navy officers and soldiers below had time to react.
Looking at the lightning speed, the leader of Debreton’s Air Cavalry Regiment shook his head helplessly and sighed: “Let the people below solve it themselves.”
At this time, the people below also woke up.
The sound of cannons was as dense as rain hitting plantains, and the firelight illuminated the entire sea surface red.
Those cylinders turned out to be simple mortars. Although the caliber of these simple mortars was not as large as