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esponsible for the Temple of War.

“Archbishop McIntyre, it was the divine aura that came from Liton Planet. According to the strength, it should be a descendant from God!” The priest immediately reported the report, but while he was reporting, the priest’s expression changed slightly and said: “The divine aura disappeared. This is too great.” Strange!”
“Star Liton, which evil god is so brave?” Archbishop McIntyre was shocked. There was actually an evil god who dared to cause trouble in Lord Arthur’s territory and even carried out a divine surrender. Wasn’t he afraid that he had too many divine thoughts?
As for what the priest said about the disappearance of the divine aura, it goes without saying that Lord Arthur must have taken action.
Otherwise, it would be impossible for those evil god believers to go through so much trouble to bring about divine descending and end it in just a few breaths of time.
Archbishop McIntyre felt a little sympathetic to the evil god. The god actually descended on Lord Arthur’s territory, and it was very possible that the god descended in front of Lord Arthur.
Not to mention the evil god, not even the God of War dared to descend in front of Lord Arthur.
/However, after Archbishop McIntyre thought this, he immediately put this thought aside and began to softly chant the God of War’s “Book of Gods” in his mouth to cleanse the blasphemous thoughts that had just arisen in his heart.
/As for the appearance of the evil god, it has already appeared in Lord Arthur’s territory, so there is no need for their temple to take action.
Not only the War Temple, but also the other four major temples did not launch an investigation after investigating the location where the divine aura appeared. Especially when the divine aura disappeared within a few breaths, the four major temples understood what happened.
Not to mention that the divine aura disappeared, even if the divine aura was still there, it would not be the temple’s turn to solve Lord Arthur’s troubles.
Lord Arthur’s current position in the world of gods is extremely special. It is precisely because of the large-scale actions of the followers of the evil god that the evil gods have awakened one by one, so that the five major temples have to make concessions with Lord Arthur, not wanting to go to war with the evil god and Lord Arthur at the same time.
So at least before the problem of evil gods is resolved, Lord Arthur is another special existence outside the five major temples in the divine world, and to some extent is parallel to the five major temples.
The fifth-level bishop of Coolidge was caught in the hands of David. David did not seal his eyes and ears. He could see what was happening.
The ‘God of Storms’ was awakened after sacrificing the souls of millions of people on Tiget Island. When he was preparing to descend and use his power to punish Lord Arthur, he was suppressed by Lord Arthur first.
This result is unacceptable to the fifth-level Bishop Coolidge. In his understanding, the ‘God of Storms’ is an invincible existence. I