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asu’s clones with a hint of greed in his eyes.

To be precise, it should be the greedy desire for the clone of Amaterasu, the ancient Golden Crow Fierce Sun Nine Points Technique.
This also calmed Wei Xiaobei’s mind.
Undoubtedly, the greed of the ancient Golden Crow Fierce Yang Nine Points Technique for the clone of Amaterasu has also confirmed one point.
This Amaterasu God indeed has the power of blood that can enhance the realm of this magical power!
In fact, this kind of thing can almost be concluded just by using ordinary people’s brains to speculate.
The Yutani Fuso in Chinese myths and legends is located in the Eastern Ocean, and Japan has called itself the land of the rising sun since ancient times, so it is called Fuso. Amaterasu is said to be transformed from the sun.
In this way, there may be some relationship between Amaterasu and the Golden Crow.
Of course, Wei Xiaobei will not care about the depth of the relationship between the two parties. As long as this Amaterasu clone is useful to his magical power, Wei Xiaobei will not let this Amaterasu clone go.
“Who! Dare to spy on me!”
Suddenly, the woman who was satisfied with having a large number of followers turned her head and shouted in the direction of Wei Xiaobei.
Wei Xiaobei immediately thought that he had been exposed. After all, the other person was a clone of a true god, not an existence that could be compared with the indigenous gods. Perhaps it was the strange movement of the ancient Golden Crow Lie Yang Nine Points Technique in his mind that alerted him. The other party?
But what happened next made Wei Xiaobei a little stunned.
“Hahaha, Amaterasu, you didn’t expect that I’m here too!”
Just when Wei Xiaobei was about to show up, a black mist surged out from the ground between Wei Xiaobei and Tianzhao’s clone, and in an instant, it transformed into a black giant about a hundred meters tall.
The black giant burst out laughing as soon as he appeared, extremely arrogant.
The woman standing on top of the huge fireball couldn’t help but change her face slightly, and roared with gritted teeth: “The Great Lord of Darkness!”
Wei Xiaobei suddenly realized that this black giant was the Lord of Darkness that he had seen in Gao Tianyuan.
This was something Wei Xiaobei had not expected before.
Unexpectedly, as Amaterasu invaded reality, the Lord of Darkness also entered reality. Of course, it was also a clone.
But having said that, although this clone of the Great Dark Lord seems to be a four-star disaster creature, Wei Xiaobei can clearly feel that this clone of the Great Dark Lord is much weaker than Amaterasu’s huge fireball!
/“You killed the Hundred-Armed Night Lord, right?”
After the woman shouted violently, the huge fireball under her feet quickly rushed towards the Lord of Darkness!
“That inferior imitator of me?”
The Great Lord of Darkness seemed to want to say something. He should have said in a disdainful tone that it had nothing to do with him, but Amaterasu’s clone seemed to have recognized the fact that the Hundre