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but French can also be spoken in some areas. In Iran, Farsi is spoken, but English can probably be communicated. By the way, there is also Spanish, which I am currently learning.

Then, Wei Xiaobei decided to focus mainly on Spanish.
Back at the martial arts school, after Wei Xiaobei had prepared dinner, Huang Kun also came back from school.
At the dinner table, Wei Xiaobei announced the important news that he was going abroad for a month.
/Zhu Xinyi was not very happy about the news, while Huang Kun was extremely excited and tried his best to follow him out for some fun, but was suppressed by Wei Xiaobei directly with force.
Finally, Wei Xiaobei promised to bring them back gifts, and the matter was settled.
To be honest, when the thought of going abroad made Wei Xiaobei feel a little excited, he was more worried about Zhu Xinyi and Huang Kun.
In one month, based on the frequency with which the two of them enter the gray world, they can probably enter four times.
And entering the gray world four times, the possible dangers there are not small.
But Wei Xiaobei couldn’t stop the two from entering the gray world.
As mentioned before, the little eagle is about to spread its wings and fly high. As an eagle, you can only make adequate preparations instead of holding back.
During the two days of waiting for the passport and visa to be processed, Wei Xiaobei completely turned into a nagging old woman in the eyes of Zhu Xinyi and Huang Kun.
With the passport in hand and the visa in place, Wei Xiaobei finally incorporated Spanish into his language skills before getting on the plane. What I didn’t mention before, he invested 200 evolution points to improve Spanish to a level of proficiency.
The best deep-water seafood in the world is produced there, followed by Spain, France, Italy, and Iran.
Among them, Iranian caviar has been ordered by Huang Jun from his friends, and Wei Xiaobei only needs to check the quality.
The top-quality ingredients cannot be purchased like bulk goods. They all need to be selected by the chefs themselves. Of course, this is especially important in Western food.
Alaska, Wei Xiaobei sat on the plane and thought about the history of Alaska.
When talking about Alaska, we have to talk about the most losing business in the world.
It was originally Lao Maozi’s colony and was rich in furs. However, after the fur income declined, Lao Maozi sold this barren land to Lao America for US$7.2 million.
Of course, the Secretary of State who made this deal was scolded in the United States.
But with the discovery of gold mines, oil and other minerals, Lao Maozi’s cost-effective business suddenly suffered a huge loss.
The gold mines exposed beyond the cliffs, the largest oil field in North America, will probably make Brother Mao regret it for the rest of his life.
/Before getting on the plane, Wei Xiaobei had inquired about some information about Alaski.
It is very empty here, with only a few million residents on more than 1.6 million square kilometers of land.
In view of this situation, Wei Xiaobei