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he was hit by a Dangkang wild boar and flew backwards again.

Although the snout and tusks of the Dangkang wild boar were covered in frost and severely frozen, Zhang Xuanshuo was immediately in danger after being knocked away.
In front of these giant wild boars, they will be trampled over without even a chance to stand up.
Even Wei Xiaobei didn’t dare to lie down on the ground and let these wild boars trample him. It was completely seeking death.
“Ice on the ground!”
Just when Qian Jun fired, Zhang Xuanshuo shouted loudly, and the Dangkang Zhiya in his hand flashed with white light, and then Dangkang Zhiya was thrown out, but its direction was towards Wei Xiaobei!
/Zhang Xuanshuo chose this attack well and killed two birds with one stone. Wei Xiaobei was about to land on the ground at this time, in the same direction as those wild boars. As long as he hit any wild boar or Wei Xiaobei, his danger would be lifted. Wei Xiaobei There are also more deaths and fewer opportunities to live.
Looking at Dangkang Zhiya flying towards him with white light shining, Wei Xiaobei felt an inexplicable chill on his back.
Great danger!
At this time, Wei Xiaobei dared to neglect. The big gun in his hand hit the ground, bent slightly, and then bounced Wei Xiaobei away again. The impact point was past the Dangkang Zhiya and fell in the direction of Zhang Xuanshuo.
Of course, Wei Xiaobei was taking a bit of a risk. If Kang Zhiya could turn the corner, Wei Xiaobei, who was flying into the air, would not even have a chance to dodge.
Fortunately, Zhang Xuanshuo was not a missile launcher, and Dangkang Zhiya was not a tracking missile. Wei Xiaobei passed high up, and Dangkang Zhiya collided with a Dangkang wild boar in a blink of an eye.
When Kang Zhiya inserted a little into the boar’s nose, it suddenly exploded, and a white light immediately enveloped the surrounding area.
This piece of white light quickly caught up with Wei Xiaobei, and just rubbed against Wei Xiaobei’s back. Wei Xiaobei felt a slight cold on his back, and then became numb. After that, the numbness spread to all directions. Come.
not good!
Wei Xiaobei knew that he had been hit, so he didn’t bother to look back and took advantage of the momentum of flying forward to stab Zhang Xuanshuo with the big gun in his hand!
Even if this stabbing makes the whole body weak, all the energy in the meridians must be circulated!
Wei Xiaobei also sighed slightly in his heart, I am afraid that after this, the repair of the meridians alone will take a lot of time!
To be honest, when Zhang Xuanshuo saw Wei Xiaobei avoiding Dang Kang Zhiya, his face darkened. Then he saw the circle of white light spread out. Although it did not cover Wei Xiaobei, it did touch Wei Xiaobei. Suddenly he was overflowing with joy.
For Zhang Xuanshuo, this move of Earth Ice is probably similar to Wei Xiaobei’s burst of electricity, exploding all the cold energy in the body at once.
/Its power can be imagined.
In addition, Zhang Xuanshuo’s ability can be attached to higher-quality weapons to achieve