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traveled along the right side of his body, through his armpits, to the base of his wrists, and finally converged on the tips of his fingers.

Hull quickly threw away the strange book, but after a moment, he hesitated. For some reason, he always felt that this incomprehensible book was deeply attracted to him.
Hull picked up the book again, hesitated, took out all three books, and wrapped them in the paper bag he brought.
After a while, he selected a few other books that he couldn’t understand and stuffed them into a paper bag. Then he used a pen and paper to trace the covers of the books that he couldn’t take away, and copied down the titles. .
“It’s really strange why everyone is suddenly interested in Chinese civilization recently.” Professor Hobbs looked at the covers of the three books, shook his head in confusion and sighed.
He picked up one of the books and read it casually. Unlike Hull, a layman, the professor read it very carefully. He read softly and made gestures on the book with his fingers from time to time.
Before he finished reading a page, the professor’s expression became strange. Sometimes his face showed shock, sometimes with a hint of joy, and sometimes as if he was suddenly enlightened.
After a while, the professor raised his head and said excitedly: “This is a secret. I have always known that such a thing exists, but I have never seen it.”
/Hull could completely understand the professor’s excitement. He had already guessed that these books, which few people could understand, were definitely not simple.
“Professor, I’m not an expert in Chinese civilization. I can’t understand what you’re talking about at all. I don’t know what secrets are, let alone why they are so rare and important.” Hull laughed. said with a smile.
Professor Hobbs shook his head repeatedly and said: “The Han civilization is one of the oldest civilizations that has ever appeared on this planet, and it lasted for eight thousand years.
“Unlike those ancient civilizations that were once glorious and then disappeared like meteors, the Han civilization had a very long period of glory and enjoyed a sustained prosperity that no other civilization had.
“There is no way to explain things related to such a long-established civilization to you in simple words.”
Hull had no intention of letting go of the old professor. He twirled his two mustaches and said with a smile: “Don’t worry, I have plenty of time. It doesn’t matter if you say a whole day.”
The old professor glanced at Hull sideways and asked meaningfully: “Don’t you need to wait for a beautiful lady in front of a certain gate?”
Hull was slightly surprised. He really didn’t expect that what happened yesterday had actually reached Hobbes’ ears this morning.
“Where did you hear such rumors?” Hull asked.
“I heard while drinking coffee after dinner that your girlfriend and my sponsor’s daughter are good friends.” The old professor joked.
“Then you should know exactly what happened next. I went to the gate early in the morning, but found a large-caliber shotgun in the win