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a dozen dead trees. Beyond that, there is not even a tree.

In this way, Wei Xiaobei was a little careless, entered the woods, and kicked a raised tree root.
Well, actually, Wei Xiaobei had already noticed it when he discovered it.
This was not because he was not careful, but because the tree roots came out of the ground and swept toward him.
At this time, Wei Xiaobei missed his bone knife a little bit, but he missed it so much that Wei Xiaobei would not think too much about some impossible things. He jumped back with his legs and dodged the bullet that bounced from the ground. With his left hand, he reached out and grasped the root of the tree firmly in his hand. With a sudden force, the root of the tree was stretched straight, and the part that was covered underground was like a series of explosions. Like thunder, they kept bursting out of the ground.
Wei Xiaobei’s sudden burst of power was considerable. In the blink of an eye, the tree roots that jumped up were under a dead tree.
The dead tree didn’t move at all, as if the roots didn’t grow from underneath it.
/But Wei Xiaobei would not be fooled by the dead tree’s appearance, so an attribute probe fell on the dead tree.
Immediately, the attribute table of dead wood appeared in Wei Xiaobei’s mind.
The attribute table of dead wood will not be described further here.
This dead wood is called a tree monster, and its race is the tree spirit clan. One-star elite creatures are much lower than the ordinary tree spirits that are two-star elite creatures. As for its attributes, they are not higher than other one-star elite creatures. The only advantage is that The most important thing is the skill of entangling tree roots.
/Just when Wei Xiaobei saw the attribute table of the tree monster, the tree monster finally started to move. More than ten tree roots as thick as fingers emerged from the ground and rushed towards Wei Xiaobei in a semi-arc.
Wei Xiaobei’s right hand had already pulled out the white mist knife from his waist. He pulled hard with his left hand and flew towards the tree monster from mid-air along the roots of the tree in his hand, letting the tree emerge from the ground. Gen suddenly rushed to nothing.
For these monsters in the gray world, Wei Xiaobei never had any sympathy. When the castration slowed down and his legs fell a few meters away from the dead wood, Wei Xiaobei rushed forward with a white mist knife in his right hand. It plunged viciously into the trunk of the tree monster.
The strength of this tree monster is indeed much weaker than that of the tree spirit, and even its brain is several times stupider.
At first, he didn’t move, trying to deceive Wei Xiaobei. Then, even though the tree roots jumped out of the ground, the main body had no intention of escaping. Until then, the white mist knife pierced the tree trunk with a thin layer of cyan mist, The tree monster just started struggling in panic. The trunk shook slightly and the roots kept retracting in an attempt to pull itself out of the ground.
And more tree roots kept co